Wolverine ABCs
29-year-old Brooklyn-based graphic artist Sean Gordon Murphy created an alphabet using nothing but illustrations of the Marvel Comics’ X-Men character Wolverine. Check out a sample of the alphabet, after the jump.

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Ray Stevenson

As you probably know, Thomas Jane pulled out of The Punisher sequel because he didn’t want to be part of a movie that he didn’t believe in. The search began for a Frank Castle replacement, and LatinoReview are now reporting that Ray Stevenson (HBO’s Rome) has been cast in The Punisher 2. The timing of this casting rumor seems to fit. Comic-Con is next week and Marvel were probably prepping a surprise announcement at the Con.

I must admit, I was not a fan of the first film. In fact, a friend and I walked out of the film at just about an hour in. I’ve heard the film gets better in the second half, but I wouldn’t know because I’ve never seen it. It’s too bad too because the recent revamp of The Punisher comic book series is pretty good, and could make a series of great films if done right. Jane was supposedly a big fan of the comic. His walk-out is probably a good indication of the quality of the script. So I don’t expect the sequel to be any better.

And as for Ray Stevenson – I never got into HBO’s Rome despite the recommendation of many people. May-be some of our commentors can speak about his abilities and potential in the role of Frank Castle.

Thomas Jane Drops Out of The Punisher 2

The Punisher PosterThe Punisher star Thomas Jane revealed to AICN that he is dropping out of the proposed Punisher sequel.

“I regretfully and painfully had to pull out of P2. I can’t tell you how completely broken up I am about it,” Jane wrote. “Punisher fans are already fighting an uphill battle as it is. And I’ve always felt a responsibility to fight that fight for them and with them so that Frank Castle gets the treatment he deserves.”

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