A couple of months back, we featured a teaser for The Prodigies, an upcoming French animated feature based on Bernard Lenteric‘s 1981 novel La Nuit des enfants rois. Both the novel and the film revolve around a group of superpowered teenagers determined to destroy the world, and the one person who can stop them. Warner Bros. France has now released a full trailer, which you can watch after the jump.

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What the hell is The Prodigies?

That’s a question I’d very much like to have answered myself. Prior to the teaser trailer, I hadn’t heard a thing about this 3D animated film from France, but now it’s quickly become one of my more anticipated movies of the year.

The film is based on Bernard Lenteric’s early ’80s novel of the same name (French title: La nuit des enfants rois), and centers around a group of gifted teenagers whose past traumas cause them to wreak havoc against the world — and the one person capable of putting a stop to their revenge. Watch the immensely cool teaser trailer after the break. Read More »