Published today are the finalised list of nominations for the Golden Raspberries, or Razzies. As ever, they’ve been announced the day before the Oscars but, this time, they contain a film I’d say is better in many respects than some of those we can expect to see heralded by the Academy.

That film would be M. Night Shyamalan’s The Happening, nominated for worst picture, director, screenplay and actor. Surely this is ludicrous? Indeed, I reckon the screenplay is really pretty good and Shyamalan made some very strong decisions in his directing of the film – so, of course, those two nominations don’t add up to me. Therefore, I’d also argue it surely can’t therefore be labelled as one of the worst films of the year. Most disappointing? Sure. I think was the most disappointing, bar none. A real 5 out of 10 film, but not Razzie-worthy by any measure.

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This Week in DVD is a column that compiles all the latest info regarding new DVD releases, sales, and exclusive deals from stores including Target, Best Buy, Circuit City, and Fry’s.

The Good

A film that has earned equal shares vehement hatred and unabashed praise, Speed Racer has proven itself one of the most divisive films to come out in a long while. This fact was made very clear when the movie only earned back $40 million of its $120 million budget. Even so, I have to admit to being one of the supporters for the film, as once I got past my initial nausea in reaction to the film’s over-stylized visuals (which are tantamount to what you might get if the Easter Bunny had a nasty case of rainbow diarrhea), the kickass action sequences, strong actors and palpable appreciation for the source material make the whole experience a very fun and worthwhile ride.
Blu-ray? Yes.
Notable Extras: Unsurprisingly, there isn’t much in the way of special features for this massive box office flop. We only get two featurettes (‘Speed Racer: Supercharged’ and ‘Spritle in the Big Leagues’).

Target Best Buy Circuit City Fry’s
$16.99 $15.99 $14.99
Amazon – $15.99

What? Exclusive deluxe edition ($22.99).
Where? Target.

This will be the first DVD I’ve ever blind bought. Normally I’d test the waters through Netflix before potentially wasting $20 bucks, but after being unable to escape the show’s constant praise (with words being thrown around like “wonderful,” “quirky,” “unique,” “brilliant,” “magical,” etc. etc.) and discovering it’s from the creator of one of my favorite shows, Dead Like Me, I get a strong feeling that this is a purchase I won’t regret. The premise revolves around a man named Ned who possesses the ability to bring the dead to life (and back to death again) with only a touch. However, if they remain alive for longer than a minute, someone else dies in their place. Season 1 contains 9 episodes.
Blu-ray? Yes.
Notable Extras: There’s a substantial amount of material available to access, but the only way to get to it is through a feature called ‘Pie Time: Time for Pie.’ It allows you to view the episodes and periodically select a cursor that appears onscreen, and from there it takes you to individual feaurettes.

Target Best Buy Circuit City Fry’s
$22.99 $24.99 $19.99 N/A
Amazon – $18.99

What? Exclusive book.
Where? Target.

You guys can go ahead and debate over the quality of this show, because I honestly could not have less interest in it. I remember watching the pilot episode and now looking back there’s not one scene I can remember from it. I also remember catching the last five minutes of almost every episode before Heroes would air, and being confused as to whether they were just playing reruns of the same episode over and over again (since they all seemed to resolve in the exact same way). However, there’s a reason this is in the good section and not the bad: people like it. Maybe I need to actually invest some time in the show before I understand why, but apparently the season continued to get better as it went along. So if you’re in the mood for an action dramedy about a computer geek turned secret agent, by all means check out Chuck. Season 1 contains 13 episodes.
Blu-ray? Will be released November 11, 2008.
Notable Extras: Declassified Scenes, 2 featurettes (‘Chuck’s World’, ‘Chuck on Chuck’), a gag reel, and a gallery of web originated mini-featurettes.

Target Best Buy Circuit City Fry’s
$27.99 $29.99 N/A
Amazon – $25.99

The Bad

So many people doubted me when I said Righteous Kill would be bad. “How the hell do you take two of the world’s best actors and make a shitty movie?” Unfortunately, half that question was already answered when Righteous Kill director Jon Avnet squandered Al Pacino’s talents with 88 Minutes, a movie that currently holds a whopping 6% on Rotten Tomatoes and was even slapped with the indignity of being released straight-to-DVD outside of the U.S. before its domestic release. And now that Righteous Kill has been released to a 22% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, it seems a lot of the blame can continued to be put squarely on director Jon Avnet. Here’s a tip for studios: next time you want to pair together two of the world’s most badass actors, choose a competent director who hasn’t already put one of those actors to shame in a film like this.
Blu-ray? Yes.
Notable Extras: A director commentary, an alternate ending, and 2 featurettes (‘Director’s Point of View’, ‘The Character Within’).

Target Best Buy Circuit City Fry’s
$19.99 $16.99 $17.99 $16.99
Amazon – $24.99

(Available as single-disc and 2-Disc Digital Copy Special Editions)
Featured as one of this week’s Shit Movies of the Week on the /Filmcast, The Love Guru is possibly one of the most embarrassing comedies I’ve ever had the misfortune of seeing. It’s almost even on the level of a Jason Friedberg/Aaron Seltzer production (the geniuses behind Date Movie, Epic Movie, Disaster Movie, and so on…) as there’s a constant supply of random pop culture references that aren’t funny and don’t relate to anything going on in the movie, of which there really isn’t much to begin with. When the film isn’t wasting time on unfunny referential nonsense, Mike Myers makes sure to keep things moving by incessantly mugging for the camera and overall just making a huge ass of himself, a fact that’s further evidenced every time he recycles his own material from the Austin Powers films.
Blu-ray? Yes.
Notable Extras: Extras on the single-disc include featurettes (‘One Hellava Elephant’, ‘Hockey Training for Actors’, ‘Back In The Booth With Trent and Jay’), 11 deleted and extended scenes, and bloopers. The only addition exclusive to the 2-disc is a digital copy of the film.

Target Best Buy Circuit City Fry’s
$16.99 $17.99 $16.99
Amazon – $18.99

*Does not include 2-Disc Edition, which costs $22.99 at each of the listed stores (including Amazon).

I don’t think anybody was really debating over whether or not this would be anything more than just another inoffensive, bland and unoriginal chick flick, but the 12% on Rotten Tomatoes and 5.4 rating on IMDB certainly solidify those expectations nicely. Apparently Hugh Grant and Matthew McConaughey weren’t available for the role of “awkward yet likable leading man with a good heart,” so the role went to Patrick Dempsey. Not even the amazing Michelle Monaghan (from one of my favorite films, Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang) presents enough incentive to give this film the go-ahead. And man does that stupid pun in the title make me cringe.
Blu-ray? Yes.
Notable Extras: Just a director commentary.

Target Best Buy Circuit City Fry’s
$16.99 $15.99 $14.99
Amazon – $15.99

What? Deluxe edition ($22.99), includes exclusive bonus content and digital copy.
Where? Target.

Other noteworthy DVDs available this week…
Young@HeartSnow AngelsBeetlejuice (20th Anniversary Deluxe Edition)Risky Business (Deluxe Edition)The Breakfast Club (Flashback Edition)Sixteen Candles (Flashback Edition)Weird Science (Flashback Edition)Blood Simple (Director’s Cut)Will & Grace (Season 8)Private Practice (Season 1)Dirty Sexy Money (Season 1)Torchwood (Season 2)Criminal Minds (Season 3)

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The Specials
NOTE: Some deals may be in-store only.

Exclusive: Free $10 Target GiftCard with purchase of both Private Practice (Season 1) ($29.99) and Dirty Sexy Money (Season 1) ($29.99).

$19.99 – Dexter (Season 1 or 2), Family Guy (Volumes 3 – 5), and more…
$29.99 – The Office (Seasons 2 – 4), House (Seasons 1 – 4)

$10 – Casino Royale, The Kingdom, Stomp the Yard, and more…

Exclusive: Save $10 with purchase of both Private Practice (Season 1) ($29.99) and Dirty Sexy Money (Season 1) ($29.99).

$14.99 – Doomsday, The Bank Job, There Will Be Blood, Vantage Point, The Other Boleyn Girl, Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day, 21, What Happens in Vegas, and more…

$4.99 – Vanilla Sky, The Manchurian Candidate, Enemy at the Gates, Road to Perdition, 8 Mile, The Hunt for Red October, Spy Game, Jacob’s Ladder, The Legend of Bagger Vance, Patriot Games, Double Jeopardy, For Love of the Game, and more…

$6.99 – Punch-Drunk Love, Say Anything, Jerry Maguire, Garden State, The Girl Next Door, Sleepless in Seattle, Legally Blonde, Guess Who, 50 First Dates, and more…

$3.99 – Jeepers Creepers, Blue Velvet, Fargo, Hotel Rwanda, Eight Men Out, This is Spinal Tap, Dances with Wolves, Hoosiers, and more…

Mike Myers is Writing Austin Powers 4

Following the epic disaster that was The Love Guru, Mike Myers is going back to well and is writing a fourth Austin Powers movie with Baby Mama‘s Mike McCullers. According to Nikki Finke, the story will be “very personal with a father and son theme loosely based on his own life.” That’s right, the story will focus on the father son relationship of Dr. Evil and his son Scott Evil, played in the films by Seth Green. I always found Dr. Evil to be the most interesting aspect of the series. But I think they have played out the character in the two sequels, and I’m very skeptical that Myers can create a funny fourth film without having to resort to cheap laughs like tons of celebrity cameos.

No studio deal is in place, but it’s a sequel and I’m sure New Line/Warner Bros will quickly give it a greenlight. But the real question is: has Mike Myers lost it? And more importantly to the movie studios, is Myers still a box office draw? I think the Austin Powers brand still has enough juice to attact audiences, at least one last time.

Page 2 Weekend Edition

Here is a round up of stories that just didn’t make the /Film front page, or what we like to call…. Page 2!

Last Crusade Ecard

Someecards has an awesome new ecard which takes aim at Indiana Jones, pictured above.

Up to three “Battlestar Galactica” TV movies might get made later this year. But no deals have officially been signed. [chicagotribune]

BenderSpink and FilmEngine announced they are making a Butterfly Effect 3. Who knew there was even a sequel? [shock]

The Incredible Hulk comparison

FirstShowing noticed that The Incredible Hulk CGI has been upgraded in the recent tv spots. The photo on the left is from the first trailer. You’ll notice that they have added a t-shirt and have done a considerable amount of shading work.

Brian Levant (The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas, Are We There Yet?) has signed to direct a tv movie prequel to the two Scooby Doo films. [Moviehole]

Italian WALL-E Poster

The New has two new italian WALL-E posters, seen above.

TwitchFilm has the first photo of Kevin Costner in The New Daughter.

David Poland calls the NYTimes story idiotic, insisting that the highest profile spot in the domestic summer will always have an out-of-competition premiere at Cannes because most of the movie critics are there.

Variety has one of the first reviews of Michel Gondry, Joon-ho Bong and Leos Carax’s Tokyo!: “First and arguably best of the bunch is Gondry’s deviously titled “Interior Design,” which opens on a dark and stormy night as young, self-deluded aspiring filmmaker Akira (Ryo Kase) and his supportive but directionless g.f. Hiroko (Ayako Fujitani) arrive in Tokyo. Gondry handles the light intrusion of Cronenbergian body-horror with minimal f/x and old-fashioned visual sleight-of-hand, keeping his camera focused on Fujitani’s engaging performance. The Gallic helmer may have a reputation for dazzling directorial whimsy, but his restraint pays off here in a work at once poignant and slyly Kafka-esque.”

Steven Spielberg, George Lucas and the stars of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull answered questions on seesmic. [Rejects]

XBox Indiana Jones is giving away five limited edition Indiana Jones customied XBox 360s.

Warner Bros has launched three viral sites to promote the upcoming release of Lost Boys: The Tribe:,, and

The Love Guru Viral Marketing

Vulture says that the Guerrilla Marketing is the Only Funny Thing About The Love Guru.

George Takei (Star Trek, Heroes) announced that he and his long-time partner Brad Altman are now engaged to be married. [trekmovie]

Arcade Fire is not doing the score for Richard Kelly’s The Box after all. [playlist]

Oliver Stone’s W. began shooting in Shreveport on May 12th. [Variety]

Page 2

Here is a round up of stories that just didn’t make the /Film front page, or what we like to call…. Page 2!


TotalFilm has a batch of production photos from Pixar’s WALL-E.

David Poland
calls Sex and the City: The Movie “the Lord of the Rings of Chick Flicks… not that it’s anywhere near as good, emotional, artistically made or worthy of box office or awards… IT’S 2 HOURS AND 25 FUCKING MINUTES LONG!!!!”

With news of yesterday morning’s decision by the California Supreme Court, Screenwriter John August has announced he is getting married. Congrads.

France’s MK2 and Britain’s Film4 will produce “Satisfaction,” the second film by U.S. writer-director Miranda July (Me and You and Everybody We Know). [Variety]

Universal Pictures has launched a viral site for the Timur Bekmambetov’s

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood PrinceBlogwarts has the third official photo from Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, but it’s very low resolution and not very revealing.

Rotten Tomatoes‘ Total Recall column focuses on movies with talking live-action animals.  This, naturally, is in anticipation of the new Narnia movie.

Variety continues to STEAL stories from movie news websites. How unprofessional. [collider]

Producer Daniel Dubieki says he would like to make a sequel to Jennifer’s Body: “I could see [a sequel] in the future if this movie does well and I think it will. As long as we can bring the right ingredients back to the table, I could totally see that happening. We’re not making it for that reason, but it could work. I’d love to do that.” [shock]

ThePlaylist has a small review of Pineapple Express: “The movie was bloody and hysterical. It was definitely like no other movie I’ve ever seen. [There’s] lots of killing, at least 12 on camera deaths, and lots of blood. Insane. PS Danny R. McBride is a scene stealer.”

Former Secretary of State Warren Christopher, who represented the Al Gore team during the 2004 Florida recount, has denounced the HBO drama Recount, scheduled to air on May 25. [imdb]

io9 explains How Superhero Movies Made Comic Books Cooler (If Not Better).

The Love Guru PosterComingSoon has a new poster for Paramount’s The Love Guru, and no one cares.

PixarBlog has the track-listings for the WALL-E soundtrack.

Film School Rejects has the trailer for Don Cheadle‘s Traitor.

The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian is currently getting a 73 percent on Rotten Tomatoes.

Jon Brion is scoring Charlie Kaufman‘s Synecdoche, New York. [playlist]

Tom Cruise is in talks to star in director Phillip Noyce‘s thriller 28th Amendment, about a U.S. president (Cruise) who discovers that a secret committee (run by Denzel Washington) has controlled the U.S. government since WWII. [moviehole]

Six Flags Great Adventure announced the grand opening of The Dark Knight coaster which will feature new customized footage of Aaron Eckhart as District Attorney Harvey Dent. The ride also incorporates audio and visual elements from the film which will debut July 18, 2008, offering guests a sneak peak. [SHH]

The Movie Blog theorizes that Paramount might have botched the marketing for Indiana Jones 4.

Rob Corddry has landed his first starring role, a part in “Project A,” an action comedy from Ben Stiller’s production company about a man trained by the U.S. government as a Cold War experiment to become the world’s biggest jerk. [reuters]

ShoWest: Kung Fu Panda and The Love Guru

KungFu Panda

Hey guys, I’m still in Austin Texas at South By South West, but /Film Reader Dustin R is in Las Vegas at ShoWest, and sent us this report from the DreamWorks/Paramount event:

Hey you guys,

Kung Fu PandaI was able to attend the ShoWest event last night at the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas, NV to see a pre-release version of Kung Fu Panda. You probably heard about it, and it wasn’t that big enough to post on the site. But this mini-event was pretty amazing, if gave the public probably a few hundred people along with industry reps to see roughly 95% of Kung Fu Panda in it’s completed form. The film looks brilliant; they really pushed it all the way this time, although some things seem to need a little tweaking here and there. The voice acting is great, Jack Black does a great job as well as Dustin Hoffman. But the secondary characters voiced by Angelina Jolie, Seth Rogen, Jackie Chan, Lucy Liu, and David Cross don’t have much dialogue in the film, which makes their characters feel empty and lifeless in the voice acting and animation part.

This movie is really great though, they nailed the Kung Fu part by fusing a dash of japanese animation for the intro, and adding brilliant kung fu moves throughout the movie which is amazing to see when everything is so fluent and animated.

Another great thing about this event is that before they showed Kung Fu Panda, Jeffrey Katzenberg showed up to give a brief introduction about the small past of their animation movies. With that said, he brought up the movie Shrek, and without further announcement Mr. Mike Myers came out on stage to talk about his movie the Love Guru which stars Mike Myers, Jessica Alba and Justin Timberlake. And as soon as Mike Myers brought up Jessica’s name, their she came out on stage, looking pregnant and gorgeous as always.

The Love guru

He showed a few clips of his movie which I have to say was sort of disappointing in my mind. All the clips had humor in them, but the jokes didn’t seem to hold up, which is rare for a Mike Myers film. It seemed like a cheap comedy film. But we still have several months before its released so who knows what post production might do to the film. Although it is funny to see Justin Timberlake as a spanish person.

If you guys want anymore 411 on the special event hit me up.


Dustin R

The Love Guru Movie Trailer

the Love Guru

Paramount has released the movie trailer for the upcoming Mike Myers comedy The Love Guru. This looks about as funny as the upcoming Adam Sandler comedy, Don’t Mess With the Zohan. And both of the aforementioned movies make the upcoming Will Ferell/John C Reilly comedy Step Brothers look like a masterpiece.

Jessica Alba fills her quota as the token good looking romanic interest, and Justin Timberlake tries his SNL-style comedy on the big screen. Watch the trailer and please tell me what you think in the comments below.

You can also watch the trailer in High Definition on MovieFone. The Love Guru hits theaters on June 20th 2008.

Discuss: What do you think of The Love Guru movie trailer?

Love Guru Movie Poster


The first poster for Mike Myers‘s The Love Guru has arrived to tickle your funny bone like a jumbo-sized mustache. Except, if you’re like me, you already find yourself thinking about this June release, the schtick involved and the oncoming marketing blitz and your mind turns into an incurable rash. Myers stars as Pitka, an American left in India as a tyke, thus explaining his Rasputin-like appearance, a knee-slappin’ accent, and his horny nature. Jessica Alba, Justin Timberlake, Verne Troyer aka Mini Me, Ben Kingsley (Ghandi 2, much?) and hockey co-star! Can we just cast Mini Me in a remake of The Impossible Kid and get it over with? View the full-on kooky-horoscope of a poster and its tagline after the jump…

via IMPA

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First Look: The Love Guru

The Love Guru

USA Today published the first photo (seen above) of Mike Myers and Jessica Alba in The Love Guru. I’ve heard from people in the know that this film might have huge potential. However, I’m not sure that I believe that to be true. One thing is for sure, Myers looks very scary in this new get-up.

Official Plot Synopsis: In the comedy, “The Love Guru” (MIKE MYERS), Pitka is an American who was left at the gates of an ashram in India as a child and raised by gurus. He moves back to the U.S. to seek fame and fortune in the world of self-help and spirituality. His unorthodox methods are put to the test when he must settle a rift between Toronto Maple Leafs star hockey player Darren Roanoke (ROMANY MALCO) and his estranged wife. After the split, Roanoke’s wife starts dating L.A. Kings star Jacques Grande (JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE) out of revenge, sending her husband into a major professional skid – to the horror of the teams’ owner Jane Bullard (JESSICA ALBA) and Coach Cherkov (VERNE TROYER). Pitka must return the couple to marital nirvana and get Roanoke back on his game so the team can break the 40-year-old “Bullard Curse” and win the Stanley Cup.

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