the I-land trailer new

A few days ago, Netflix released a teaser for their new show The I-Land that gave off serious Lost vibes. Now a full trailer is here, and those Lost reminders aren’t going anywhere. Throw in some The Purge, some The Most Dangerous Game, and even a little Fyre Festival, and you’ve got yourself a show that looks…kind of silly. But hey, Bruce McGill is in there wearing a big cowboy hat! That’s something! Watch The I-Land trailer below.

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The I-Land trailer

The ABC drama Lost flirted with horror imagery several times during its network television run, and now Netflix is here to take that concept a step further. The streaming service has just released a trailer for a new limited series event called The I-Land, which features ten people who are tested by the physical and psychological challenges of the mysterious island on which they find themselves.

And though the trailer begins like a slickly-edited travel video, it ends with a particularly gruesome shot of someone who’s just lost some digits – and that’s not a euphemism for misplacing a phone number. Check it out below.
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