the great north clip

Nick Offerman teaming up with the creators of Bob’s Burgers for a new animated comedy about a dysfunctional family? 2021 is already looking up thanks to Fox’s stacked slate of animated shows, which will be led in by newcomer The Great North, an adult animated comedy starring Offerman as a single father living in Alaska as he tries to keep a rein on his oddball kids. Watch The Great North clip below.

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The Great North Teaser Trailer

If you’re a fan of Bob’s Burgers, then you’ll probably be interested in the first look at creator Loren Bouchard‘s new animated The Great North. Coming to FOX early next year, the new family comedy follows Nick Offerman as a single father living in Alaska as he tries to keep his oddball kids close to him. The first teaser trailer has arrived to give us a sneak peek at the series, and it looks like it could be a new hit for FOX. Read More »