First up, Zhang Yimou‘s sorta-remake of Blood Simple, the amazing debut feature by Joel and Ethan Coen, has a new title. Once called Amazing Tales: Three Guns, the title now seems to be The First Gun. Except that in some places, as on the upload for the trailer featured below, the title Amazing Tales: Three Guns, or some variant on it, persists. But the new name was reported by Yahoo, and they’ve got to be correct, right? So for now we’ll run with it, but don’t be too surprised if you still see the Three Guns title used in the next few months.

Now, about that trailer: we’ve got it after the jump, and it is a little bit insane. We’ve already seen some images, and they were wild, but this is over the top. You won’t recognize much Coen Brothers in it, but there’s no small amount of weird, wacky style going on. Read More »