What do Bridesmaids and The Devil Inside have in common? Not a lot, except that both performed even better than expected at the box office, and execs are now eager to get going on terrible-sounding sequels. After the jump:

  • Melissa McCarthy refuses to do Bridesmaids 2 without Kristen Wiig
  • Mark Wahlberg reports that The Fighter 2 is looking for a new director
  • Joe Carnahan discusses the (non) possibility of an A-Team 2, and more interestingly, the possibility of a Narc 2
  • The Devil Inside exec producer Steven Schneider says he’d “love” to do a sequel

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Although Mark Wahlberg is the kind of A-list star that’s constantly in the public eye, he actually hasn’t appeared in a movie since 2010’s The Fighter. Next week’s Contraband marks the end of that streak, however, and it looks like Wahberg will be returning to his usual busy ways after that. The actor has already finished shooting this summer’s Ted, is currently filming Allen Hughes’ Broken City, and has Good Time Gang and 2 Guns on his upcoming slate as well.

And then on top of that, there’s also The Fighter sequel, the Entourage movie, and possibly Michael Bay‘s Pain and Gain — which, contrary to previous reports, Wahlberg says he has not declined. In a recent interview, the star gave some status updates on each of those projects. Basically, it sounds like each of them are waiting on a script. Read his comments after the jump.

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Mark Wahlberg Announces ‘The Fighter 2’ (Again)

Mark Wahlberg hasn’t been shy about his desire to make a sequel to last year’s The Fighter, the Best Picture-nominated drama based on the life of boxer Micky Ward. The producer/star has happily discussed the potential for a Fighter 2 in the past, and director David O. Russell seems on board with the idea as well — he’s already expressed his interest in writing the script. Now it seems likelier than ever that The Fighter 2 may become a reality. At a recent awards show, Wahlberg said something that suggests that the film is on track to actually get made. Read his words after the jump.

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Last week the producer/star of The Fighter, Mark Wahlberg, said he was in the “early stages” of figuring out how to make a sequel to that film, continuing the story of “Irish” Micky Ward. While Wahlberg himself been training in anticipation of the film happening, and believed that everyone would come back to work on a sequel, he was sure to reiterate that nothing was set in stone.

Another prominent member of the Oscar-winning team behind The Fighter, director David O. Russell, has now commented on the possibility of a sequel and not only does he agree with Wahlberg’s sentiments, but Russell would be interested in writing the script himself. Read his quotes and more after the jump. Read More »

Most of the time, films based on true stories that are nominated for seven Oscars and win two don’t scream sequel. In the case of The Fighter, though, the story of boxer “Irish” Micky Ward was just getting started as the credits rolled. As we all found out once we saw the film, The Fighter really wasn’t about boxing. Ward didn’t become a household name until after the film’s climactic fight and producer/star Mark Wahlberg is well aware of this. He’s already stated that he’d like to make a sequel about Ward’s rise to fame and in an interview to help promote The Fighter‘s Blu-ray release, he revealed that he’s once again started training and has had some talks about making a sequel that would center on Ward’s boxing career. Read some new details after the jump. Read More »

After a decade of development, The Fighter emerged into theaters last year as a powerful piece of entertainment. Now with financial success and two Oscars for Christian Bale and Melissa Leo, star and motivating force Mark Wahlberg is talking about continuing the on-screen story of boxer Mickey Ward. Read More »