The Banker Review

The new based-on-a-true-story drama The Banker inspires a reference to the charming political-fantasy sitcom Parks and Recreation, and its line about something having “the cadence of a joke”. The Banker has the cadence of a movie. It’s 120 minutes long — ah yes, a standard feature-length runtime. Its stars are now best known for their work in franchise fare — OK, they’re taking a break from action movies! And there’s a social conflict at its core, showcasing the destructive capabilities of systemic American racism. Yet there’s something weirdly hollow and dry about this drama. Even if this film had been released as originally scheduled in the 2019 awards season, The Banker would still feel barely like a movie at all.

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The Banker release date

Apple has delayed the release of its upcoming movie The Banker because of sexual assault claims against Bernard Garrett, Jr., the son of one of the film’s main subjects, Bernard Garrett, Sr. This Wednesday, just one day before the film was set to premiere at this year’s AFI Festival in Hollywood, the movie was pulled from the festival’s schedule and replaced with Marriage Story instead because of the allegations. The Banker was originally going to hit theaters on December 6, but today Apple announced that they have delayed the release indefinitely as the company investigates the claims against Garrett Jr.
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The Banker Trailer

Apple TV+ has already launched, and with it has come a handful of new shows for subscribers to users to take a chance on. But Apple isn’t just making new TV shows. They’ve got original movies on the way too, and the first major theatrical release from the tech company will be arriving next month.

The Banker is a true story following Anthony Mackie and Samuel L. Jackson as two black businessmen who concoct a plan to subvert the racist system that keeps black families from moving into white neighborhoods. The first trailer has arrived, and with one of their first of many hopeful theatrical releases, it would seem as if Apple is hoping to make a run at awards season right out of the gate. Watch The Banker trailer below. Read More »