When the news first broke about Quentin Tarantino‘s new movie, there was some confusion as to the real nature of the project. We first heard the movie was called The Angel, the Brute and the Wise, and that classic spaghetti western star Franco Nero would be involved. That confusion continued when we learned that QT’s new film is actually called Django Unchained, as Django is the name of Franco Nero’s best-known set of films.

But there is a QT-Franco Nero film, and it is something altogether different from Django Unchained. It is a western, and it is called The Angel, the Brute and the Wise. But the presumed roles of the two men are, in fact, reversed: Franco Nero is directing the movie as an homage to John Huston (no, not John Ford) and Sergio Leone, and he has convinced Quentin Tarantino to play a part. Read More »