There are more Stephen King film and TV adaptations than most people could count — only the most die-hard fan or serious film and TV trainspotter would be likely to remember them all. But there is a small subset of King’s fiction that has remained largely untapped: fantasy.

The author doesn’t have a lot of books that fit into the fantasy column. The Dark Tower series is primary among them, and then there is the Peter Straub collaboration The Talisman, in which a young boy makes a cross-country journey by flipping back and forth between our world and a parallel fantasy one.

Those are big books, and have resisted adaptation so far. (The Dark Tower might make it to screens soon.) One of King’s other fantasy efforts is more slight, and perhaps more suited for adaptation: The Eyes of the Dragon, a fairy tale he originally created for his daughter, and eventually published in 1987. If Syfy has its way, the book could end up on screens soon. Read More »


This week, Dave, Devindra, and Adam praise the uniqueness of The Adjustment Bureau, conclude that I Saw the Devil is the revenge film to end all revenge films, and get disgusted by the complete amorality of Weekend at Bernie’s. Special guest Tim League joins us from The Alamo Drafthouse. Check out the Alamo’s SXFantastic series at SXSW this year.

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The Adjustment Bureau looks at first like a thriller/romance hybrid; consider an alternate reality version of The Tourist, perhaps. But this film is not preoccupied with beauty; rather it contemplates the conflict between free will and predestination. That simple, eternal question becomes a sort of science fiction — something closer to theological fiction, really — when you factor in the Bureau, an organization that sees to it that mere mortals consistently adhere to ‘the plan.’

Numerous release delays and more than a small amount of re-editing left us wondering if this movie, the directorial debut from screenwriter George Nolfi, might be a total disaster. In fact, The Adjustment Bureau is an effective, even captivating romantic chase film with a meditative core worth considering. That is, until it bursts its own bubble with explanations. Still, the questions posed linger even after the film offers a too-pat resolution. Read More »

There are new posters for three films today: indie and festival darling Rabbit Hole gets a new one-sheet that is very different from the last, while delayed thriller The Adjustment Bureau and I Am Number Four both get their own new images. See ’em all after the break. Read More »


Universal has shifted a few films around on the calendar. New berths for The Adjustment Bureau, Paul, Kids in America, The Dark Fields, Sanctum and Devil after the break. Read More »

Movie Trailer: The Adjustment Bureau


We’ve been waiting to see footage of George Nolfi‘s The Adjustment Bureau, which stars Matt Damon and Emily Blunt in a loose adaptation of a Philip K Dick short story, Adjustment Team.

Now there’s a trailer, and it is hard to tell what the movie is, exactly. There are moments which will remind you of Dark City and The Matrix, while the underpinning of PKD paranoia and lack of control is certainly there. Check it out after the break. Read More »

Your Highness

We have a bunch of new release date announcements/changes to report on, including the Kevin James comedy The Zookeeper, the Matt Damon/Emily Blunt thriller The Adjustment Bureau, the 2010 Sundance sensation Catfish, David Gordon Green‘s medieval comedy Your Highness, the James Cameron-produced Sanctum 3D, Ron Howard‘s comedy Cheaters, and The Night Chronicles: Devil. All the details, after the jump.

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First Look: The Adjustment Bureau

Universal Pictures has released the first two photos from George Nolfi’s The Adjustment Bureau.  The movie is a sci-fi romance based on the Philip K Dick short story The Adjustment Team. The movie follows an affair between a politician and a ballerina, which is “affected by mysterious forces keeping the lovers apart.”

The film stars Matt Damon, Emily Blunt, Anthony Mackie, John Slattery, Shohreh Aghdashloo, Michael Kelly and Terence Stamp. Take a look at the first two photos after the jump, and you too, can discover what Damon and Blunt are looking at. The movie hits theaters in late July, so we should expect to see a trailer sooner than later. Possibly attached to Universal/Ridley Scott’s Robin Hood? But that is just a guess…

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Anthony Mackie has been a reliably solid supporting actor in the last couple of years; he’s wonderful in The Hurt Locker and was entertaining as Tupac Shakur in the often woeful Notorious. Now he’ll have a chance to continue that run in The Adjustment Bureau, the adaptation of a Philip K. Dick short story starring Matt Damon. Read More »

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