Could we see Optimus Prime take on many futuristic robots of the Terminator franchise? I doubt it, but Michael Bay seems to think its a good idea.

“I would love to see my robots take on Terminators,” writes Bay on his online message board, after admitting that he’s “excited to see Terminator [Salvation]” and “really loves this whole franchise”, especially “the work of Bale.”

I agree that the idea is completely ridiculous. But if you had asked me 15 years ago if Freddy would ever fight Jason in an actual movie, I would have said no. Same goes with the war between Predator and Aliens. Both series made for fun comic book stories, but I never, ever, expected Hollywood to bring the crossovers to the big screen.

So the question is — Would you be interested in seeing the Transformers take on the Terminators in a big screen movie?

Thanks to /Film reader Timelordthewhite for the tip.

Cool Stuff: Skynet Development Team T-Shirt

Just as Clerks pointed out that a bunch of hard working construction were behind the creation of the Deathstar, one must remember that hundreds of unknowing hardware and software developers were probably behind the creation of the computers which eventually destoryed most of humanity in judgement day.

“Unwittingly or not, you’re now a direct contributor to the mass slaughter of mankind. Never thought that comp-sci degree would lead to billions of deaths did you? Well at least you built something cool!”

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