I’m going to go out on a limb and say Beauty and the Beast 3D will be the best film released this January. We already know it’s a great movie by itself and, at Comic Con several years ago, Disney made it perfectly obvious the 3D conversion was gorgeous. It then announced a short sequel to the 2010 hit Tangled, Tangled Ever After, would precede the Best Picture nominee and a perfect package just got a little sweeter. After the jump, watch a clip from the short that makes it seem like it was maybe inspired by The Lord of the Rings. Just a little. Read More »

Hot off the first look at the next Toy Story short film, Small Fry, Disney announced the directors of Tangled will bring back those characters in short form at the beginning of the new year. A short sequel called Tangled Ever After will play with Beauty and the Beast 3D when it’s released January 13, 2012. Once again directed by Nathan Greno and Byron Howard, the short will take place at Rapunzel and Flynn’s wedding where Pascal the chameleon and Maximus the horse lose the rings. Read more about the film and check out the full poster after the break. Read More »

Poster for Disney Short ‘Tangled Ever After’

This is one of the early salvos from Disney’s D23 Expo, which started yesterday and is ongoing today. The Marvel Studios panel will take place later this afternoon, and as Peter and Germain are sitting in on that we’ll likely have a good bit of news to share later in the day.

For now, here’s a compliment to yesterday’s announcement of Small Fry, the Pixar Toy Story short that will play in front of The Muppets. This is the poster for Tangled Ever After, a short film from Tangled directors Nathan Greno and Byron Howard. While we don’t have plot details you can probably glean most of the big notes from the poster, which is after the break. Read More »