tales from the loop review

In Swedish artist Simon Stålenhag‘s surreal paintings, humans are dwarfed by the eerie visions of a retrofuturistic future: a dilapidated mech with a cartoonish cat visage lays smoking atop an elevated freeway, a red-eyed robot tangled in cords looms over a lone farmer, blonde-haired children aim a device at a tractor without a pilot. They give a sense of another time and place — made all the more uncanny by Stålenhag’s method of using digital tools to create the illusion of an oil painting. Stålenhag’s haunting paintings makes us humans look insignificant, small, unimportant. And so, so lonely.

But in Amazon’s Tales From the Loop, inspired by Stålenhag’s and his 2014 narrative art book of the same name, humanity dwarfs everything else.

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Tales from the Loop featurette

Since we’re all cooped up inside and movie theaters seem to be on the brink of extinction (thanks, coronavirus), here’s a bit of good news: a new show is coming to Amazon Prime Video that just might become your next obsession.

Tales From the Loop is based on the moody sci-fi art of Simon Stålenhag, and the enigmatic-looking first season will be directed by a murder’s row of terrific talent. Check out a new look at the series below.
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tales from the loop trailer

What is Tales From the Loop? Well, for one thing, it’s the first TV series to ever be adapted from digital paintings. The show is inspired by the dreamy, surreal sci-fi artwork from Simon Stålenhag, and this adaptation appears to have perfectly captured the nature of Stålenhag’s paintings. In the first Tales From the Loop trailer below, the imagery is strange and tantalizing, drawing you into what is sure to be a unique new series.

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tales from the loop

Amazon has given a greenlight to Tales From the Loop, a sci-fi series based on the art of Simon StålenhagOne Hour Photo and Never Let Me Go filmmaker Mark Romanek will helm the pilot and will serve as executive producer. Read more about the new series below.

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