Quantifying the importance of the Sundance Film Festival is difficult. Every year, films screened there become classics, and are made by filmmakers who become legends. Just look back to past years for proof: Saw, The Blair Witch Project, Donnie Darko, 28 Days Later, Napoleon Dynamite, Memento, Bottle Rocket, Clerks, Reservoir Dogs and The Usual Suspects all premiered at Sundance.

This year, in a valiant attempt to commemorate the Festival’s magnitude in a format that fits the palm of your hand, artist Todd Oldham has edited an art book called Sundance Film Festival A to Z. Inside, each letter of the alphabet is tackled by a talented artist whose task was to combine several iconic Sundance people, films or events, linked by a single letter, into one image. For example, take the letter N, shown above. Artist Jean Kim combined Napoleon Dynamite with Christopher Nolan (along with Shirin Nesat) for a very cool image.

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