/Filmcast Ep. 601 – Listener Mailbag

Schitt's Creek - Catherine O'Hara
This week, it’s a mailbag episode! David, Devindra, and Jeff reflect on this week’s political events in America, then move on to chat about movie piracy, pandemic viewing habits, and favorite podcasts.

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Steven Universe Future Finale

The four-part finale of Steven Universe Future descends into despair before it regains its light. As the old saying goes, “Things will get worse before they become better.” As Steven Universe (Zach Callison) faces his downward spiral, he desires to solve matters on his own, spurning his loved ones’ attempt to reach out. The Gem he shattered during his rage, Jasper (Kimberly Brooks), inadvertently inspires him to seek out his titan-Diamond relatives in Homeworld for answers to control his Diamond powers.

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Steven Universe Future Mr. Universe Review

Steven Universe Future is racing toward the finish line. It’s difficult to watch how much Steven (Zach Callison) has grown out of his chipper childhood state, but the overwhelming hindsight of trauma has caught up with him. It doesn’t help that last week’s Future featured Steven at his first doctor’s appointment and reckoning that his childhood trauma—“trauma” was very much a new word for Steven and something rarely discussed in children’s cartoon—has ruined his function.

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Steven Universe Future Together Forever and Growing Pains Review

“Together Forever” and “Growing Pains” are the most heart-stopping pair of episodes yet of Steven Universe Future. “Together Forever” begins mundanely as usual, with the eponymous Steven (Zach Callison) skyping with his human companion Connie (Grace Rolek) and discussing her college plans. He’s saddened to realize Connie will be so far away once she leaves. 

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Steven Universe Future In Dreams Review

Steven Universe Future: Hey Old Friends

After some rude awakenings, the next pair of Steven Universe Future episodes dish out some optimistic respite while carrying over the despondency that has now plagued Steven Universe’s (Zach Callison) life. 

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Steven Universe Review - Snow Day

Growing up for Steven Universe (Zach Callison) is no picnic. What happens in “Snow Day” is minuscule but momentous, yet another idyllic day-in-the-life without punching antagonists. 16-year-old Steven is so frazzled and focused on the Little Homeworld school that his childlike spirit has been siphoned away. He is no longer partaking in the child relics of Steven Universe. He rebuffs Pearl’s (Deedee Magno) attempt to dress him, the Gems whipping up the infamous Together Breakfast, Garnet’s (Estelle) offer of pepperoni pizza (Steven is now vegetarian), and the Crystal Gems’ insistence to play tag.  Read More »

Steven Universe Future Review

The latest double-feature episodes of Steven Universe Future return to idyllic shenanigans. After the last intense episode, “Volleyball”, which spilled some discomforting revelations about Rose Quartz, two low-stakes breezer episodes are refreshing and bring us back to the old season one days of the original Steven Universe. Fusion-lovers like me especially perked up.    

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Steven Universe Future Review

Here we are in the future. Rebecca Sugar’s Steven Universe is back, not with a new season, but an epilogue limited series, Steven Universe Future, set two years after the first series. 

The half-Gem, half-human boy Steven Universe (Zach Callison) has defended his beloved Earth while being raised lovingly by his three Gem guardians, Garnet (Estelle), Pearl (Deedee Magno Hall), and Amethyst (Michaela Dietz). He has finally established peace across the stars and reformed the three other Diamond Authorities, who can essentially be considered his Gem aunts, into disbanding their tyrannical and colonizing ways to improve Gem life on the Gem Homeworld and Earth for “Era 3.” Last we left off in The Steven Universe Movie, Steven realizes he still got a lot of Gem work to do, despite the relative peace on Earth since his complicated Gem mother, Rose Quartz, left plenty of centuries-old loose ends he is still cleaning up. And he creates new messes as well.

The first four episodes of Future intensely explores the idyllic and intense aftermath.

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Steven Universe Epilogue Series

Fan of Cartoon Network’s critically acclaimed Steven Universe assembled at New York Comic Con 2019 for a musical celebration and a slew of surprises.

Creator Rebecca Sugar, along with voice stars Estelle (Garnet), Michaela Dietz (Amethyst), and Deedee Magno-Hall (Pearl) opened the panel with bangers of fan favorite songs from The Steven Universe Movie, kicking off with “Happily Ever After.” Fans roared at the surprise appearance of Sarah Stiles, who voiced the beloved tragic antagonist of the movie, and she reprised her villain song “Other Friends” and the tear-jerking “Drift Away,” respectively. But the biggest surprise was yet to come. Read More »

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