Future Marvel Movie Directors

Thanks to the coronavirus pandemic effectively shutting down nearly all film and television production, Hollywood studios and networks are losing millions of dollars, and they’re continuing to tighten their belts. Many employees have been furloughed while others still employed are taking paycuts. Now, two showrunners at Marvel Studios are having their overall deals terminated in an effort to cut costs.

Steve Lightfoot, the showrunner on The Punisher from Netflix, and Paul Zbyszewski, who has been working on Marvel’s upcoming Hulu series Helstrom, have both had their overall deals terminated at Marvel Studios. It’s the first of what will likely and unfortunately be many deals “force majeured” in Hollywood over the coming weeks. Read More »

The Punisher season 3

The return of Marvel’s The Punisher comes at a precarious time for Marvel shows on Netflix. Along with Luke Cage and Iron Fist, Daredevil was recently cancelled after its third season, leading many to wonder why Netflix is dropping them. It still remains unknown if these shows will continue on Disney+, but the Jon Bernthal-led series The Punisher is back with a second season on Netflix right now.

Showrunner Steve Lightfoot spoke with /Film by phone about the new season earlier this week, and we talked about those cancellations, Frank Castle’s character arc, the show’s take on Jigsaw, what a third season might be about, and more. Read More »

The Punisher showrunner interview

The Punisher is finally here to punish those who escaped justice. After crossing paths with Daredevil, Frank Castle (Jon Bernthal) now has his own series. He’s trying to keep a low profile, growing a bushy beard and working construction, but he can’t seem to stay away from violence.

Steve Lightfoot created Punisher series, but his career includes producing gigs on Hannibal, Narcos and The Crimson Petal and the White. Lightfoot spoke with /Film by phone this week about the latest Marvel Netflix show, which arrives on November 17, 2017.

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The Punisher reviews

Critics aren’t prone to sweeping statements, but it seems like The Punisher is on the receiving end of both kinds. The Marvel series starring Jon Bernthal as the gun-toting vigilante who was introduced in Daredevil season 2 is either the best MCU series released on Netflix…or the worst. Take your pick.

The only universally acknowledged elements of The Punisher seem to be the acclaimed performance by Bernthal and the ill timing of the series, which was delayed after the events of the Las Vegas mass shooting. Otherwise, critics seem to be shooting their opinions left and right, without much consensus on whether the series is actually good. Is it an ambitious, grounded TV show that tackles issues of psychological trauma in soldiers? Or is it a sluggish, overly long series with an hollow message?

Read some of the early reviews of The Punisher to find out.

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punisher trailer

After months of playing the waiting game, fans of The Punisher can finally discover the Marvel-Netflix series’ release date thanks to a new trailer that has been dropped.

The new The Punisher trailer is much more comprehensive than past promotional materials have been — this was perhaps the preview that was going to be revealed at the New York Comic-Con before the panel was cancelled in the wake of the Las Vegas mass shooting. While there were rumblings that the unofficial premiere of The Punisher — which was reported to be in October — was delayed in the aftermath of the shooting, Marvel did promise that the anticipated superhero series starring Jon Bernthal as the antihero vigilante would be released this year. And you only had to wait one more month.

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Netflix Orders Marvel’s ‘Punisher’ Spinoff


Even before the Punisher made his Marvel Cinematic Universe debut in the second season of Daredevil, rumors abounded about the possibility of a Punisher spinoff. He’s a popular character to begin with, after all, and Jon Bernthal couldn’t be a better choice to play him. Then the character actually appeared on the show, and proved to be everything fans had hoped for. The calls for a Punisher spinoff only got louder. And now, Marvel is finally ready to make its move.

A Punisher spinoff has reportedly been ordered by Marvel, with Bernthal set to return as the vigilante character. Steve Lightfoot (Hannibal) will write, executive produce, and serve as showrunner. Read More »