Taylor Kitsch American Assassin

The last addition to director Michael Cuesta‘s (Kill the MessengerAmerican Assassin was Michael Keaton. Now joining Keaton and star Dylan O’Brien is Taylor Kitsch, who recently did some strong supporting work in HBO’s True Detective and The Normal Heart. Kitsch has signed on to play the antagonist in American Assassin.

Below, learn more about the Taylor Kitsch American Assassin casting news.

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Michael Keaton Will Train an ‘American Assassin’

Michael Keaton in Spotlight

Michael Keaton is currently on top of the world. He’s coming off of not one but two Best Picture winners, and could very well find himself in the Oscar race again next winter depending on how things go with The Founder. But that’s not to say he’s limiting himself to prestige dramas. His latest new project is the action thriller American Assassin, which, no surprise, is being envisioned as a potential franchise-starter.  Read More »


Writing about screenplay buys can be difficult — there isn’t often a lot of detail about a story and without creative talent beyond the writer and producer, we’re often left to do little more than speculate about what the finished product might be like.

But what the hell, we’ll do it anyway. Three big script deals hit the trades in the last day: Hammer Films picked up Wake, written by Chris Borrelli, who has appeared on the Black List in the past. New writer Zach Dean sold Layover. And Stephen Schiff is writing a biopic of Albert Einstein for OddLot Entertainment. Read More »

Wall Street 2 Announced

Wall Street Poster20th Century Fox is developing a sequel to Oliver Stone’s 1987 drama Wall Street. The studio has signed deals with the original producer and also the writer. Stephen Schiff script Money Never Sleeps will follow Gordon Gekko’s release from jail and entry into the exciting world of hedge funds. The project is being set-up as a potential starring vehicle for Michael Douglas. Oliver Stone is not expected to return as director.

Wall Street
has a lot of classic lines (“Greed is Good.” “Lunch is for wimps.” “What’s worth doing is worth doing for money.” “If you need a friend, get a dog.”) and some amazing speaches. You can watch Douglas’ Oscar-winning speech after the jump, as well as the film’s theatrical trailer.

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