Peter Jackson Announces ‘The Hobbit’ Cast

Peter Jackson has, at long last, made an official announcement about who will appear in The Hobbit. He has confirmed Martin Freeman as Bilbo Baggins, taking over the role originated by Ian Holm in The Lord of the Rings. A great many other names were released as well, almost all of whom make up the large company of Dwarves that hires Bilbo to be their ‘burgler’ before setting out to kill the dragon Smaug and recover the dwarven treasure the dragon uses as a bed. All the names are after the break. Read More »


If nothing else, the Sherlock Holmes films are becoming a haven for fun casting inspirations. Case in point: Stephen Fry has been cast to play Mycroft Holmes, the older and equally brilliant brother of Sherlock, in Sherlock Holmes 2. Read More »


It’s a good week for Stephen Fry. He was part of Craig Ferguson‘s successful ‘experiment’ to do an episode of The Late Late Show with no audience, for one. Highly recommend watching that, as their nearly hour-long chat was a great bit of television.

And Fry’s film Hallelujiah!, about the composer George Frideric Handel and his enduring work Messiah, first announced in 2008, has been given some development funding by the UK Film Council. So it should be moving forward. Fry is co-writing that one with Nick Adams, and was originally announced as director. I hope that remains the case.

Finally, the writer/actor/director is working with comic book writer Grant Morrison and film director Paul McGuigan (Gangster No. 1, Push) on a TV show that McGuigan calls “Twin Peaks meets Brigadoon.” Wait, what? Why does that sound so fantastic? Read More »

Alice in Wonderland Movie Trailer #3

Alice in Wonderland

Disney has released a third trailer for Tim Burton‘s Alice in Wonderland, which is scheduled to be projected in 3D in front of prints of James Cameron’s Avatar. The trailer gives us a glimpse at some of the characters that have been, until now, kept in the background or off screen. There are so many wonderful visuals in this trailer, that I’ve compiled a collection of 40 screenshots so that you can see everything (click here to see the gallery). Watch it now embedded after the jump. Please leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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Update: Entertainment Weekly have spoken to Ken Kamins, Jackson’s manager and received some kind of weak denial. He said: “It sounds like an April Fool’s joke. Peter and Fran are working diligently on The Hobbit for the foreseeable future.” Which is basically equivalent to answering the question “Will you join me for dinner tonight?” by saying “That sounds like you’re hitting me. I’ll be diligently washing my hair for the foreseeable future”.  I think Fry may have gotten the wrong end of the stick here, somehow… but that it’s still just about possible there is a stick to get the wrong end of.

Here’s a story I wasn’t expecting to hear today. Even more, I wasn’t expecting to hear it from Stephen Fry.

A popular British radio show with film buffs (and some UK readers of this site, I’ve noticed from the comments) is Simon Mayo’s afternoon slot on BBC Five Live. On a Friday, he features movie reviews and often guests, and today one such guest was none other than the aforementioned Fry. When the conversation came around to the Peter Jackson/Christian Rivers Dambusters remake for which Fry has written the screenplay, he couldn’t reveal much news at all – it sounds like the picture is just in some kind of holding pattern – but he did have some brilliant incidental information about Jackson.

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Back in January, when I was new to the /Film world, I posted a piece on the delicious thesp lineup of Tim Burton‘s Alice in Wonderland. A very dependable source had told me the odd little bit of unannounced, secret casting and even a couple of scratchy hints about the screenplay and how the film was going to variate from the books. Amongst this was the rather exciting fact that Stephen Fry was going to be playing the Cheshire Cat.

Fry himself has now confirmed this, in a chat with the BBC. He tells us, quite directly “I’m about to play the Cheshire Cat for an animated version of Alice in Wonderland.”

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More Alice in Wonderland Casting… I Think…

I’ve been sent some tip-offs casting for Tim Burton‘s Alice in Wonderland, and I checked some of it with Peter and found out he’s heard tiny whispers himself. My source is really pretty solid, so I’m going to go out on a limb here.  Remember – I’m buying into this 99%, but you don’t have to. Take it as a rumour for now.

So, the key role here is that of The Cheshire Cat.  Early reports had Michael Sheen pegged as taking that part, but he’s since denied this in a good handful of interviews (I think it was his turn as Tony Blair that made the casting seem obvious). What I’ve been told now discusses not only the part that will be taken by Sheen, but which other actor actually did get the part of the Cheshire Cat.  Well, allegedly.

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