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The Wall Street Sequel That Isn’t

Ropes of Silicon has a 50 minute interview with W. screenwriter Stanley Weiser, but who cares about W. anymore? Weiser is the same guy who wrote Wall Street and penned a treatment for a Wall Street sequel before Oliver Stone and the film’s producer parted ways.

“To make a long story short, I wrote the screenplay and Fox put it in turnaround because it was dated,” Weiser told ROS. “Everything has changed and they’re starting with a page one rewrite that deals with the current situation in the markets. So it won’t be ready for a year and by that time the economy will have changed again so I wouldn’t be too hopeful.”

But what would Weiser’s Wall Street 2 have been like?

“[The film takes place] in the present. Basically, he had gone to Europe, like this world trader Marc Rich. He had been making deals in Europe and then he decided he wanted to go back to New York and get back in the action. So he does his jail time.”

“Gekko gets out of jail. It actually opened with Gekko getting out of jail and he’s standing by a curb and a limo pulls up and he’s next to a black kid, who’s a prisoner, and the black kid gets in the limo. The black kid is a rapper and the limo is for the rapper. So he is left standing there on the street alone and no one knows who he is anymore.”

“”…The latter part was set in China and dealing with Chinese money and policing the Chinese.”

I wish I could watch that movie right now. But 21 scribe Allan Loeb is busy working on a complete rewrite. Fox is hoping to fast track the film into production under the title Money Never Sleeps, but Michael Douglas has yet to sign on. Bud Fox (Charlie Sheen) will not be featured in the follow-up storyline.


“Want to see my Bush impression?”

UPDATE: EW now reports that Jeffrey Wright (Casino Royale) is in talks to star as Colin Powell, James Cromwell (Babe) is in talks to portray George Bush Sr. and Robert Duval (The Godfather) has been contacted for the frightening role of Dick Cheney. This flick is really shaping up. Here’s how the film is being described to insiders:

W is the improbable story of a man who went to the White House despite getting fewer votes than his opponent; who became commander-in-chief despite having avoided military combat himself; and who became the least popular president ever elected to a second term. W will shock and surprise you and leave you questioning everything you believe to be true.”

Idi Amin and Pol Pott just put on scorched parkas and cuddled, because for the first time in my life I find First Lady Laura Bush hot. Actress Elizabeth Banks is in final talks to play the wife of current U.S. President George W. Bush (to be played by Josh Brolin) in Oliver Stone‘s controversial and fast-moving 2009 biopic W. Banks has five films due this year, the most notable being Kevin Smith’s raunchy Zack and Miri Make a Porno with Seth Rogen and least notable being the Eddie Murphy Pluto Nash-esque Meet Dave. Here’s her possible Oscar shot.


W was announced back in January and recent buzz has Brolin as an absolute dead ringer for the 43rd American president. As much as I liked Stone’s Nixon and Anthony Hopkins’s performance therein, the actor’s only passable superficial likeness in the biopic took some convincing, so I’m glad to hear Brolin looks the double-take. Stanley Weiser, who previously collaborated with the director on his classic Wall Street, co-wrote the screenplay with Stone. The role of Vice President Dick Cheney has not been announced.

What do you guys and gals think? Can Banks pull this off? The only drama I’ve seen her in, excluding, you know, the Spider-Man movies, is Daltry Calhoun, but I was too busy cringing at Johnny Knoxville imitating Easy Pieces-era Jack Nicholson to notice her skills. This role is a tall challenge. All of Texas is watching.

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