Nash Edgerton has made his mark as a stuntman (the Matrix films and Star Wars prequels) and actor (Zero Dark Thirty) but it’s his work as a director that we want to focus on today. Edgerton’s short Spider is a wicked, wonderful little thing, and his thriller feature The Square got my attention as a good take on how duplicitous dealings can go bad very fast.

Two years ago, Edgerton debuted the short Bear at Cannes, and last year it hit Sundance. Now, just after his latest short, The Captain premiered at Sundance 2013, we’ve got the online presentation of Bear. Those who’ve seen Spider will recognize Edgerton as the returning character, and might tremble a bit at this synopsis, knowing how things are likely to end: “Jack has the perfect birthday surprise planned for Emelie. Sometimes, though, plans go horrifically wrong.”

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Spider, the short film by Nash Edgerton, isn’t exactly new. In fact, it’s pretty old. The IMDB lists it as 2007 but we’ve never posted it here on /Film. So, on the off chance you haven’t seen this fantastic short, now is the time.

Edgerton, the brother of accomplished actor Joel Edgerton, co-wrote, starred in and directed this short before making the feature film, The Square. (If you saw that film in theaters in the US, you might have seen the short playing before it.) Spider was so successful that it spawned a sequel, Bear, which recently premiered at the Sundance Film Festival. Both films share over the top, dark humor and super impressive filmmaking. After the jump, watch Spider and get a tease from Bear.

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