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Pixar has been steadily churning out animated shorts through its SparkShorts program, an initiative dedicated to cultivating new talent through short films, that has allowed Pixar animators to experiment with more than the 3D animation the studio is known for. Everything from hand-drawn animation to new styles of CG animation are on display in the shorts, which first debuted theatrically and on YouTube last year before moving to Disney+. And Disney+ has kept the program alive, steadily releasing new shorts that remind us of the magic of Pixar shorts.

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pixar sparkshorts trailer

Over the years, Pixar shorts have gained as much prestige as the studio’s features. In fact, many a beloved animated short have become inseparable from the theatrical movie they were paired with — whether it was the Oscar-winning heartwarming Bao with Incredibles 2, or the classic Geri’s Game that got paired with A Bug’s Life, or the very early first Pixar short that birthed the studio’s logo, Luxo Jr. You could say that Pixar built its brand on those envelope-pushing, technologically cutting edge short films.

So it’s no surprise that the studio wants to cultivate new talent with its short film program, SparkShorts. Pixar has been slowly rolling out the shorts in theaters and on YouTube, but all 6 animated shorts from rising directors will soon debut on Disney+ this November. Watch the Pixar SparkShorts trailer below.

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Pixar has released another short film from their SparkShorts program, and it’s extra special, because it’s hand-drawn. While the studio is known for their pioneering digital animation, their latest short – Kitbull – is entirely hand drawn short. Watch the full Kitbull short below, along with a making-of featurette and an introduction to the filmmakers.

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Smash and Grab

Pixar, the Oscar-winning animation studio that once wore Hollywood’s animation crown, is in a bit of a creative transition following John Lasseter’s exit from the company. As they begin to establish their identity under new leadership, they’re looking for fresh directorial voices – and they’re finding them thanks to the SparkShorts program, an experimental storytelling initiative that serves as a sort of developmental league for filmmakers.

The first short from this program, entitled Purl, hit the Internet last week, and now they’ve released Smash and Grab, a new sci-fi short about two robots who break free from their laborious jobs and try to take control of their own lives. Check it out below.
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pixar sparkshorts

Pixar shorts have long pioneered storytelling and animation techniques, and now the animation studio is unveiling a whole program focused on just that. The SparkShorts experimental storytelling initiative cultivates new creative voices inside and outside of Pixar, and will unveil its first three short films next week at Hollywood’s El Capitan Theatre for an exclusive one-week run. The shorts will then be made available online in Pixar’s first-ever YouTube exclusive launch in the weeks that follow.

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