Edgar Wright and Sparks Interview

This week brings Edgar Wright‘s first feature documentary to theaters. The Sparks Brothers is a comprehensive, amusing, and wonderful documentary about the influential pop rock duo known as Sparks. If that name isn’t familiar to you, don’t worry. This film will tell you everything you need to know about Sparks, along with things people think they know about Sparks. And when all is said and done, you might just be a new fan.

When The Sparks Brothers debuted at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year, we sat down to talk with Edgar Wright and Sparks (aka Ron and Russell Mael) about having a 50-year music career boiled down to a 140-minute documentary, and playing with the traditional style of music documentaries. Plus, we talk about some of the fun “facts” that have been spread around about the duo over the decades and whether there might be another collaboration between them in the future. Read More »

Edgar Wright's Favorite Sparks Songs

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In this edition, listen as Edgar Wright sits down to list some of his favorite Sparks songs before the arrival of his first feature film documentary, The Sparks Brothers. Plus, see what the visual effects artists at Corridor Crew have to say about some vintage effects done on Ghostbusters II and the actor replacement done on Army of the Dead. And finally check out some Easter eggs you can seek out at Disneyland’s recently opened Avengers Campus. Read More »

Sparks Drafthouse PSA

This week brings Edgar Wright‘s first-ever feature documentary to theaters. The Sparks Brothers is a chronicle of the ever-changing musical act known as Sparks. Lovingly referred to as your favorite band’s favorite band, the film takes a look at the surprisingly long legacy of the band that you may have never heard of until now. They’ve inspired at least one of your favorite bands, and you probably didn’t know it.

And now they want to inspire you to keep your mouth shut in movie theaters in this PSA put together by the Alamo Drafthouse. Read More »

annette single

One of our most anticipated movies of the year is a musical in which Adam Driver and Marion Cotillard sing together. If that was the pitch in and of itself, Annette would already be at the top of must-watch films coming out of the Cannes Film Festival. But throw Sparks, the pop/rock band recently profiled in Edgar Wright’s first documentary feature The Sparks Brothers, into the mix alongside director Leos Carax, and you’ve got a recipe for something magical. We get a first taste of that magic in Sparks’ “So May We Start” single, which features Driver and Cotillard singing together in an upbeat rock song.

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The Sparks Brothers Trailer

The pop duo known as Sparks may have a career that spans over 50 years and 25 albums, but director Edgar Wright will probably be introducing them to a whole new wave of fans with The Sparks Brothers. The filmmaker behind Shaun of the Dead has delivered his first feature film documentary, in which he attempts to profile a band that he describes as “successful, underrated, hugely influential, and overlooked all at the same time.” Even if you know songs by Sparks, it’s very likely that you don’t know their whole story. Get a taste in the trailer below. Read More »

The Sparks Brothers Review

Despite having a career that spans over 50 years and 25 albums, there’s a decent chance you’ve never heard of Sparks. However, the pop rock duo comprised of Ron and Russell Mael and an ever-changing band behind them have undoubtedly influenced many of the synth-pop, new wave, post-punk, and alternative musicians you’ve loved over the years. Duran Duran, Depeche Mode, Nirvana, Beck, Franz Ferdinand, and even “Weird Al” Yankovic have all been touched by Sparks, and in the enlightening, wonderfully playful documentary The Sparks Brothers, director Edgar Wright (Shaun of the Dead, Baby Driver) wants to make sure you are too. Read More »

Edgar Wright Sparks Documentary

Last year Edgar Wright got us tapping our toes and gripping our seats in the fast-paced, music-infused heist thriller Baby Driver. We’re not sure exactly what the filmmaker’s next project will be, but we now have word on something the Shaun of the Dead director is working on right now, and it’s a kind of project we haven’t seen him tackle before.

Edgar Wright has confirmed that he’s currently working on a documentary about the pop rock band Sparks, a cult favorite among music fans. However, it sounds like it’s still early days on the project, and it’s still taking shape. Find out more about the Edgar Wright Sparks documentary below. Read More »


David and Devindra discuss the formulaic nature of written movie reviews, ponder the legal implications of the upcoming Jem and the Holograms movie, and wonder if Splinter Cell will be the first great video game film. Special guest Alan Scherstuhl joins us from The Village Voice. Be sure to see David’s video review of Enemy, read Scott Tobias’ thoughts on the new Veronica Mars film and see Will Leitch’s review of Nymphomaniac.

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New Toy Story 3 Character: Sparks


Briefly: Today is a Toy Story 3 day in a couple of ways. While Peter just saw the film at ShoWest, we’ve got a new character poster to show off. Not quite equivalent things, are they? The new character is Sparks, and he’s basically the robot of every boy’s dreams…in the late ’50s, at least.

The marketing copy for Sparks goes like this:

Sparks will fly – literally – during electrifying playtimes with your new robot friend Sparks! This retro-inspired toy has flashing red LED eyes and a blaster cavity that actually spits out real sparks when he’s rolled along on his sturdy rubber wheels. Sparks also sports telescoping arms with working pincers, and an elevator action that raises his entire body to new heights. Sparking action completely child-safe. Requires two AA batteries (not included).

Hit the jump for a full look at the poster and a little video of the character model. And what did Peter think of the film? “Toy Story 3 was great, last 30 minutes were pure brilliance,” he said. Read More »

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