So I Married an Axe Murderer

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The Movie: So I Married an Axe Murderer

Where You Can Stream It: Amazon Prime

The Pitch: When it comes to love, Charlie Mackenzie has had his share of bad luck: Sherrie was a klepto – Charlie still can’t find his cat. Jill was unemployed, but Charlie knew she really worked for the Mafia. Pam smelled like soup-beef vegetable soup. Good thing for Charlie he discovered the truth before things went too far-before he stumbled into marriage. But when Charlie meets Harriet Michaels, everything changes. Harriet’s not like the others. She’s smart, sexy, and crazy about Charlie. This time Charlie is determined to overcome the fears that sabotaged his past relationships. The only problem is there might be something else to fear, because sweet Harriet might be an axe murderer.

Why It’s Essential Viewing: When you think of Mike Myers, the first thing that comes to mind is probably either Shrek or some of the zany characters often hidden under tons of make-up. Wayne’s World may be up there too, though their relevance has started to wane even as they appear all over TV in Uber Eats commercials. But these days, most people think of the Saturday Night Live veteran as the shagadelic spy and his nemesis Dr. Evil in the Austin Powers franchise or even his madcap take on The Cat in the Hat (which is a hilarious performance in an abysmal movie, but we’ll save that for another day). However, the movie that deserves far more recognition for the comedy genius of Mike Myers is So I Married an Axe Murderer. Read More »

carrie fisher script doctor

This week we’ve all been thinking about Carrie Fisher, who died earlier this week at the age of 60. While most people know her for her role as Princess Leia in the Star Wars films, a lot of people don’t realize that her written career spans farther than the bestselling books and novels that she penned over the years.

Entertainment Weekly once described Carrie Fisher as “one of the most sought after [script] doctors in town.” She worked without credit on films ranging from Hook to Last Action Hero to the Star Wars prequels and much more. Learn about her unknown legacy of uncredited work on big Hollywood screenplays in our Carrie Fisher Script Doctor primer.

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