Quentin Tarantino Joins the Cast of Smurfs?

Quentin Tarantino

A couple days back, Alan Cumming told MTV News that director Quentin Tarantino would be playing Papa Smurf’s right-hand man, Brainy, in Columbia Pictures’ big screen adaptation of The Smurfs. But a publicist for the Inglourious Basterds director has denied the filmmaker’s involvement.

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A bunch of new release dates were announced overnight, including the Ryan Reynolds one-man thriller Buried, the computer animated/live-action hybrid 3D film Smurfs, Jonah Hill‘s big screen adaptation of the television series 21 Jump Street, and Crash writer/director Paul Haggis‘ new film The Next Three Days. Details after the jump.

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LOL: South Park’s Avatar Parody

South Park Smurfs Avatar

The latest episode of South Park, an episode titled “Dancing With Smurfs,” (spoilers ahead) made an attempt to parody James Cameron‘s upcoming 3D sci-fi epic Avatar. During the episode, Cartman becomes a Glenn Beck /Bill O’reilly like character, and at one point recalls a tale about spending time with the Smurfs. He became “one of them,” falling in love with Smurfette, and leading a revolt against the humans (led by Wendy) who have come to pillage and ruin smurfland. You can watch a clip of Cartman’s story after the jump. Or head on over to Southpark Studios to see the full episode, which yes, leads to James Cameron adapting the story for the big screen.

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Smurfs Movie Has A Director, Feel Free To Shrug


There are a lot of things to be excited about today. The Michael Jackson media circus is winding down. A party at Comic Con will feature hilarious/awesome metal bands Gwar and 3 Inches of Blood. I’m eating some delicious homemade salsa. Oh, and the Smurfs movie has a director. Yeah, the last item doesn’t really fit. According to THR, the lucky chap is Raja Gosnell, who previously helmed all of your favorites: Scooby Doo and its sequel, and more recently Beverly Hills Chihuahua. I guess there’s more after the jump, if you care. Read More »

VOTD: The Future of Toy Movies


Animator Dan Meth shows us the scary horrible future that awaits us as Hollywood scrapes the very bottom of the barrel for future movie franchises. Yes, I’m talking about toys and television sitcoms. Witness these uncanny mash-ups of your most beloved toys from your childhood. Imagine Play-Doh, Cabbage Patch Kids, and Smurfs portrayed in movies by Ron Howard, David Cronenberg, and Peter Jackson. Watch the video after the jump.
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