movies coming to amazon in april 2021

There are a handful of TV shows and movies coming to Amazon Prime Video in April 2021 that we’re excited about, including Tom Clancy’s Without Remorse starring Michael B. Jordan, and Lena Waithe‘s anthology series THEM, and a new comedy show called Frank of Ireland starring and written by Brian and Domhnall Gleeson. But there are plenty of older films and shows coming to the streamer as well, so read on for some of our recommendations so you don’t spend half an hour aimlessly clicking through options next time you want to watch something. Read More »

sleeping with the enemy remake

Only ’90s kids will get this: in 1991, Julia Roberts starred in the trashy thriller Sleeping With the EnemyIt was kind of stupid, but in that highly watchable way. And it also ended up being a big hit. Now, Fox Searchlight has decided to develop a Sleeping With the Enemy remake, which will presumably update the film’s ’90s trappings for the 21st century. For instance: characters will probably have cell phones this time. And no one will be wearing acid wash jeans.

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