The Predator Featruette

The Predator is getting closer to theaters, and its premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival is even sooner. That means 20th Century Fox is ramping up their marketing campaign to get butts in seats for the revival of the franchise that kicked off all the way back in 1987.

A new The Predator featurette goes behind the scenes of the film’s set to talk with co-writer/director Shane Black and his ensemble cast about bringing the galaxy’s most feared hunter back to the big screen. Plus, the cast also has some fun predicting whether The Predator would win in battles with some of pop culture’s most iconic characters and creatures, and a new TV spot gives us a taste of the new hell hounds that will give the film’s characters some trouble. Read More »

The Predator box office tracking

Shane Black‘s The Predator is using the titular alien’s triangular laser targeting system to zero in on a $25-$30 million opening weekend for the upcoming sci-fi sequel. That’s a far cry from Iron Man 3‘s gigantic opening, but a significant improvement over Black’s previous film, The Nice Guys. Read more about The Predator box office tracking below, and see how the sequel stacks up against the other movies in the franchise. Read More »

the predator tv spot

20th Century Fox has dropped a triple whammy of The Predator news alongside its newest TV spot for the sequel directed by Shane Black. The TV spot gives us a glimpse of the much-anticipated, mysterious Ultimate Predator that makes its debut in this fourth installment of the sci-fi action franchise. And the new TV spot also signals the start of advance ticket sales, ahead of the film’s worldwide premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival this September.

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The Predator TV Spot

A new TV spot for The Predator has surfaced, and the marketing campaign is starting to show off the comedy that will be showcased alongside the bloody sci-fi action, courtesy of director Shane Black. Check it out below. Read More »

Edward James Olmos Cut from The Predator

Edward James Olmos was cast in The Predator in March of 2017, however, as the September release date nears, the Battlestar Galactica star told /Film during the publicity rounds for his new FX show Mayans M.C. that he’s been cut out of the movie entirely. The good news is that Olmos doesn’t have any hard feelings about it, and cutting his character may turn out better for the movie. Read More »

The Predator Reshoots Explained

At San Diego Comic-Con, 20th Century Fox brought some exclusive footage from the upcoming sci-fi sequel The Predator, and director Shane Black was on hand with the ensemble cast to tease what fans can expect from the return of one of the galaxy’s most deadly hunters. We already went over all that in our extensive Comic-Con coverage, but the director revealed a bit more about the movie outside of the film’s panel in Hall H.

As we’ve heard, The Predator had to undergo some extensive reshoots that reportedly changed much of the third act. Now Shane Black has clarified why those reshoots had to be done and what they were trying to accomplish by doing them. Read More »

The Predator Comic-Con

At San Diego Comic-Con, director Shane Black brought a new sneak peek of the latest entry in the Predator franchise that he was part of all the way back in the 1980s. But rather than slinging some inappropriate jokes in the jungle as a supporting star, this time he’s behind the camera for The Predator, bringing the galaxy’s most dangerous hunter to a new generation of audiences. So is The Predator up to the task of slaying in 2018? We attended The Predator Comic-Con 2018 panel in Hall H to find out. Read More »

predator images

Two new looks at The Predator are here to give us a glimpse of the new and improved alien trophy hunter. Shane Black‘s upcoming film attempts to breathe new life into the stagnant action franchise, but early buzz has been a bit muted. Perhaps these new Predator images will change that.

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The Predator reshoots

In April, actor Keegan-Michael Key revealed that about three-quarters of The Predator‘s third act was reshot. Now a new report reveals what changes were made to co-writer/director Shane Black‘s highly-anticipated sci-fi sequel, and that a recently-tested cut of the movie includes references to a number of other films in the franchise. Find out what was altered during The Predator reshoots below. Read More »

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The Predator trailer breakdown

A new trailer for 20th Century Fox’s The Predator arrived this morning, and it’s a massive improvement over the first teaser that came out last month. Cover yourselves in mud and join us below for a full The Predator trailer breakdown.
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