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When Disney held their big investor day presentation back in December, it came with the announcement of a slew of new Marvel Studios projects that will be coming exclusively to Disney+. One of the new titles that piqued the interest of Marvel fans was Secret Invasion, an adaptation of the comic event of the same name that sees the shapeshifting alien Skrulls invading Earth, posing as Avengers, and creating plenty of chaos with surprising twists and turns. However, fans may want to keep their expectations in check, because it sounds like the story won’t be quite as big as it was in the comics. Read More »

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During the Disney investor presentation this evening, Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige dropped a metric ton of news about Marvel’s upcoming plans. The company is already developing several shows for Disney+ that we knew about, but here are a few that are new: Secret Invasion, Ironheart, Armor Wars, and I Am Groot will all be heading to the streaming service.

Get details about all of those below, plus casting news about the She-Hulk series that’s also in the works. Read More »

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The Skrulls are some of the most famous villains in Marvel Comics, and it all lead to an epic comic book crossover storyline called “Secret Invasion” that ran through a self-titled eight issue limited series and several tie-in books from April through December 2008. With the introduction of the Skrulls in 2019’s Captain Marvel, it was no surprise that fans expected the film to plant the seeds for an eventual Secret Invasion movie. But while evidence points to the contrary, Marvel studios chief Kevin Feige won’t rule it out.

Spoilers for Captain Marvel follow.

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