Two things we obviously love on /Film are limited edition art prints and Banksy. Banksy has been in the news lately because his directorial debut, Exit Through the Gift Shop, was nominated for an Oscar and seeming everyday we run Cool Stuff posters of limited edition screenprints from Mondo, Spoke Art, Tommy Good and a ton of other vendors. Film and print art just seem to go together well.

A new short documentary called Printing Banksy: Modern Multiples Creates the LA Prints proves that point. This 15 minute film puts a new spin on Banksy’s 2006 Los Angeles art show Barely Legal, which is a huge part of Exit Through the Gift Shop by focusing on the prints that came out of it. Filmmakers Brad Beyer and Robert Dragan were lucky enough to speak to the man responsible for making Banksy’s limited edition prints for that show and story behind them is fascinating. You can check out the film after the break. Read More »