Movie Review: The Comdemned

The CondemnedWhat happened to all the bad action movies from the late 1980’s and early 1990’s? You know, the ones with Jean-Claude Van Damme, Steven Seagal and Chuck Norris. The Condemned is the closest thing I’ve seen to those b-action classics in the last few years. And watching The Condemned I felt myself yearning for those type of films. But sadly The Condemned is not. Although it came very close.

The film stars former pro wrestler Stone Cold Steve Austin as Joe Conrad, one of 10 inmates on death row who is chosen to be part of a real life Survivor. The show, which is being illegally broadcast on the internet, pits 10 condemned killers from all corners of the world up against each other. Nine will die, and the sole survivor will be given the gift of freedom. Imagine Battle Royale meets The Running Man, but on a lower budget and scale.
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The Condemned Poster, Movie Trailer and Stills Revealed

The Condemned

WWE won’t give up. They have their mind set on making a genre classic with a WWE wrestler in the lead role. Too bad, their track record has been pretty bad: See No Evil, a bloody horror/thriller starring Kane, and The Marine, an action thriller starring John Cena. Now comes a film starring the man that started the second wrestling revolution, Stone Cold Steve Austin. Check out the movie poster, stills, and a trailer after the jump.
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