knives out 2 cast kathryn hahn

Just when you think the Knives Out 2 cast couldn’t get any cooler, director Rian Johnson goes ahead and makes it even better by adding Kathryn Hahn. Hot off her scene-stealing work in WandaVision (though to be fair, she’s been doing scene-stealing work for years now), Hahn will join Daniel CraigDave Bautista, Janelle Monae, and Edward Norton. Once again, Craig’s Benoit Blanc will be trying to solve a mystery featuring a large cast of suspects. Craig is the only character from the first film returning for the sequel.

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knives out 2 cast Janelle Monae

The Knives Out 2 cast is growing seemingly daily, and each new bit of casting is more exciting than the next. So far, Edward Norton and Dave Bautista have joined the Rian Johnson-directed sequel that brings back Daniel Craig‘s master sleuth Benoit Blanc. Now, Janelle Monae has come on board as well. Like the previous two casting announcements, we don’t know who Monae is playing, but it’s safe to assume the sequel will once again assemble a big cast of characters and make them all suspects in a murder.

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The Last Jedi Practical Effects Test

It’s May the Fourth, and you know what that means: finally, a day where we can talk about Star Wars! I know we never, ever talk about it any other day, but the 4th of May is the exception to the rule. So go ahead, talk about Star Wars all day. But once tomorrow rolls around, you better stop.

To get into the spirit of the day, Rian Johnson, director of the best Star Wars movie, uploaded a nifty little Star Wars: The Last Jedi practical effects test for the scene where Luke catches Rey almost Force-smooching Kylo Ren (they’re technically only touching hands, but c’mon, it’s clear they were going to kiss if Luke hadn’t shown up) and gets so angry he blows up the walls of the little stone hut Rey is in. While this is the sort of thing another filmmaker might use only digital effects to create, Johnson and company did it practically, and it looks great.

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Rian Johnson's production company

T-Street, the production company founded by Knives Out and Brick director Rian Johnson and his longtime producer Ram Bergman, is expanding its reach.

Their production banner is teaming up with MRC Films, the indie studio that developed and produced movies like Knives Out, Baby Driver, Ted, and The Adjustment Bureau, to launch a new untitled label that will produce three to four low-budget movies per year from up-and-coming filmmakers. Read More »

A Cool Breeze On The Underground

Cory Finley, director of Bad Education and Thoroughbreds, will write and direct a TV adaptation of A Cool Breeze on the Underground, based on the first in a series of novels from popular author Don WinslowRian Johnson and Ram Bergman are set to executive produce the adaptation, which follows a private investigator working for a New England organization called The Bank. During the course of the story, the private eye is tasked with finding the missing daughter of a senator.

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Rian Johnson Directing The Mandalorian

The first two seasons of The Mandalorian saw a variety of directors get behind the camera for the live-action Star Wars series, including executive producers Dave Filoni and Jon Favreau. But sometime in the future, The Mandalorian may have one of the Star Wars feature film directors step in to direct an episode, because Star Wars: The Last Jedi director Rian Johnson wants a crack at the series. Read More »

Knives Out glasses

We don’t typically write about Hollywood paydays at /Film unless they’re especially huge, but a new report brings word of three new instances which absolutely fit that description. Writer/director Rian Johnson, producer Ram Bergman, and star Daniel Craig are all poised to make $100 million each thanks to the surprising Knives Out sequels deal that Netflix made last week. The deal itself was worth $469 million, but the fact that these three players will receive $100 million each puts them in rarified air in Hollywood history. That’s Robert-Downey-Jr-Avengers-level money. Read More »

knives out 2 netflix

Netflix is close to finalizing a massive $400 million deal for Knives Out 2, with director Rian Johnson and Daniel Craig both expected to return. Netflix, Apple, Amazon, and more were all in the midst of a bidding war for the sequel, with Netflix likely to come out ahead. The deal will enable Netflix to potentially turn Knives Out into a full-blown franchise, and alternate reports indicate the streaming service has ordered both Knives Out 2 and Knives Out 3. Filming on the sequel is expected to start this summer, with casting beginning ASAP.  Read More »

Poker Face

File this under “things I didn’t know I needed”: writer/director Rian Johnson (Brick, Star Wars: The Last Jedi) is making a television series called Poker Face, and the show has Natasha Lyonne (Russian Doll, Orange is the New Black) on board to star. Peacock has given the show a 10-episode commitment, and in a press release, Johnson refers to the show as “case-of-the-week mystery goodness”. Read more about Poker Face below. Read More »

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