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In the fallout from John Lasseter‘s announcement that he is stepping down from Pixar amid allegations of sexual misconduct, Rashida Jones has clarified the reason for her departure from the writing team of Toy Story 4.

The Hollywood Reporter article that initially revealed the allegations of Lasseter’s alleged sexual harassment of female employees claimed that the reason that Jones and her writing partner, Will McCormack, left the project early in development because Lasseter made an “unwanted advance” towards her. Shortly after the article was published, Jones explained to a New York Times reporter that this was not the case.

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Some Pixar fans have noticed that the set-up of Monsters University is inconsistant with the backstory presented in Monsters Inc.. How could Mike Wazowski and James P. “Sulley” Sullivan have met for the first time in college when there is a line in Monsters Inc about the duo knowing each other in the fourth grade? While I was visiting Pixar a couple weeks back, someone asked Monsters University director Dan Scanlon about this continuity error during a roundtable interview. Find out the story of how and why this happened, after the jump.

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Video remix artist Pogo has been remixing films into music for a four years now. He has concentrated mostly on animated films, and has done a number of Pixar adaptations: the Up-inspired Upular, the Toy Story-inspired Toyz Noize and Buzzwings, and others.

The latest, “Boo Bass”, was composed using chords, bass notes and vocal samples from the Pete Docter-directed computer animated film Monsters, Inc.. Watch the video embedded after the jump. You can download the mp3 on Pogomix.com.

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Today at the Walt Disney Studios presentation at the D23 Expo, Disney announced two new movies from Pixar Animation Studios. Both films, yet to be officially titled, will be released in the slots following the announced Monsters Inc prequel Monsters University, which hits theaters on June 21st 2013. We just posted about the first of the projects, which involves dinosaurs — read that here. The second project is directed by Monsters Inc/Up helmer Pete Docter, and is set inside the mind. Read more about it, after the jump.

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Pixar’s Television Commercials

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Shortly before Toy Story, Pixar was forced to create television commercials. The company had been losing money for years and Steve Jobs was hoping to recoop some of the money by having the company produce animated television commercials. The hope was that with commercials, the company could become self-supporting, and the goal was a computer animated television movie or feature film.

Impressed with John Lasseter‘s short films, Pixar has already been approached by a handful of advertising agencies to produce television commercials for their brands. Most advertising agencies produced their own scripts and storyboards, and the animation company was usually not much more than work for hire. But Pixar was only interested if they would be a part of the creative development of the spots.

Two new animators were hired to deal with the new workload, Andrew Stanton (who has gone on to direct Finding Nemo and WALL-E) and Pete Doctor (who has gone on to direct Monsters, Inc and Up). Pixar was able to make $2 million a year in the commercial business while gaining exposure to the mainstream public. It was an interesting time for the company, that a lot of people aren’t really aware about. After the jump you can find a compilation of some of the commercials created by Pixar in these early days.

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