When we heard that Johnny Depp would play the lead in The Seven Friends of Pancho Villa and the Woman With Seven Fingers for Emir Kusturica, a few things ran through my mind. First, surprise at the fact that the constantly-busy actor would be in the sort of marginal film (with respect to the mainstream box office) that was once a big part of his resume. Second, that it was more than a bit unfortunate that a Latin actor didn’t get the role. Third, I was willing to accept that considering that it meant Emir Kusturica would gain a much larger audience for the film.

Things have now changed. To no one’s great surprise, Johnny Depp’s schedule will prevent him from playing Pancho Villa. As a replacement. Mr. Kusturica is reportedly eying Gael Garcia Bernal and Benicio del Toro. That should take care of some of the major arguments against the film. Read More »


Six weeks ago, we told you that Johnny Depp and his Arizona Dream director Emir Kusturica were negotiating a schedule to have Depp play Pancho Villa in Seven Friends of Pancho Villa and the Woman With Six Fingers. At the time the project was a hopeful one for the pair, because Depp’s schedule is packed enough that there was reason to suspect he wouldn’t be able to fit the film in alongside his other projects.

Now we know that the film will happen, albeit under the title Wild Roses, Tender Roses, and that it will go before cameras in February 2011. Read More »