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If you’ve followed this column long enough, you might have noticed that many of the anime shows I cover seem to be about and for teenagers. Whether they’re slice-of-life, fantasy, or sci-fi, most popular anime shows deal with mostly teenage problems. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but sometimes you want a show that is not set in a high school and mentions problems other than exams and homework. That is just one of the reasons why OddTaxi feels like such a refreshing experience.

Odokawa is a 40-something misanthropic taxi driver with no family, who spends most of his time having mundane conversations with his customers. On the surface, the show is mostly about these small problems and conversations — Odokawa’s friends and customers care about unsuccessful careers, going viral, getting enough money to pay back student debts.

Except Odokawa also happens to be a walrus in a world of anthropomorphic animals. He also seems to be the prime suspect in the disappearance and potential kidnapping of a teenage girl. And he may be tied to a rivalry between two mobsters, an idol group that may be involved in a scamming scheme, and there’s also the would-be shooter obsessed with getting revenge on Odokawa.

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