Briefly: The only thing constant in Hollywood is change. A few years ago it was looking like we were going to see little from major studios but big-name tentpole movies based on existing properties. And while those films are still being produced, there’s a strong trend now towards tentpoles that are either original or based on more hardcore properties as well. Just look at films like All You Need is Kill, Oblivion, After Earth, and Ender’s Game. In short, it’s a good time for big sci-fi on movie screens.

Now Disney — which cut loose Oblivion, you’ll recall — is pairing Nicole Perlman, one of the Guardians of the Galaxy writers, with Justin Springer, a producer on Tron: Legacy, to create Terra Incognita. The original pitch hasn’t been revealed, but given the meaning of that Latin phrase (“unknown land”) and the people involved, there’s the assumption that this is a new piece of original sci-fi from Disney. At the very least, it is an original project, and could end up being something that fans of big genre projects will be interested in. [Variety]


Details on Marvel’s next giant movie, Guardians of the Galaxy, have been pretty thin so far. We’ve got some info on the core characters that make up the team, but we’ve had no idea about the story. Now a purportedly accurate log line gives us a bit of detail about what kicks the story into motion. Read More »

Phase Two of the development of the Marvel Cinematic Universe begins with Iron Man 3, which shot this summer, and continues with Thor: The Dark World and Captain America: The Winter Solider.

But while the first phase led to the blockbuster team-up movie The Avengers, this second wave heads out into space for something a little more strange. Guardians of the Galaxy, oft-mentioned by Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige as a project the company hoped to tackle, will be released in 2014, and the company is moving forward with a rewrite of the existing script. Read More »