Movie Theaters reopening

New Jersey movie theaters are set to reopen this week, just in time for Labor Day weekend.

Taking refuge from the hot, late-summer weather in the cool confines of an air-conditioned movie theater is normally one of our favorite pastimes. But unfortunately, there’s nothing normal about this godforsaken year, and while we’re not epidemiologists, there’s enough information out there suggesting that theaters still aren’t safe that we cannot in good conscience endorse the idea of returning to a theater. Yet.

But if you’re willing to put your literal life on the line (and potentially endanger others) in order to see Tenet or The New Mutants on the big screen, here’s the latest info on New Jersey movie theaters reopening. Read More »

AMC Social Distancing Protocols

New Jersey movie theaters have been denied their request to reopen by a judge, who upheld the state’s response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. The judge denied a motion for an injunction, which had been requested by the National Association of Theatre Owners and six cinema chains, that argued that the state was infringing on theaters’ First Amendment rights.

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