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Zootopia is filling up. Disney has announced the full cast of its 2016 animated feature, set in a sprawling metropolis populated by non-human mammals. Joining previously announced leads Jason Bateman and Ginnifer Goodwin will be Idris ElbaJ.K. SimmonsOctavia Spencer, Jenny Slate, and more. Oh, and Alan Tudyk will drop by for a role that references his Frozen character.

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Get Smart Video Clip Premieres at Comic Con

Get Smart Movie

Director Peter Segal, stars Steve Carell, The Rock, Masi Oka, Ken Davitian, and Nate Torrence were in attendance to debut the first video clips from the big screen adaptation of Get Smart during the Friday morning Warner Bros panel at Comic-Con 2007.

The clip begins with a voiceover telling us that “There has always been a delicate balance between Kaos and Control. Now with that balance threatened, its time to turn to one man. Cut to Steve Carell as Maxwell Smart. Anne Hathaway as Agent 99 comes up to him from behind with a gun and shouts “Freeze!” Carell replies “No you freeze” “What? You can’t do that?” We then see a montage of humorous clips including but not limited to Smart’s car stalling while he’s on a mission. Agent 99 and Smart running down the street, climbing through air-ducts, crashing into a building, a fight in control headquarters. We got a few glimpses of Ken Davitian and The Rock in action. Max and 99 are in a closet at a party:

“Did you see anything while i was dancing,” Agent 99 asks.

“Just once but i didn’t expect them to lift you so high,” replies Smart.

The clip finishes with Smart in a jet fighter puking while it does a barrel roll.

The crowd laughed out loud a bunch of times during the clip. I predict that this film could be the next Austin Powers and really take off huge. It has that potential. And for fans of the classic tv series, it looks like they are doing this thing right. They revealed that both Hymie the robot and Agent 13 are in the movie.

“I got to wear clothes [in this movie]” commented Ken Davitian, who was of course very naked in Borat.

“Thank god,” quickly snapped The Rock, who in this film plays Maxwell Smart’s mentor, a character that was not featured in the television series.

Get Smart Movie

Last month we told you that a Get Smart sequel was already in development. Despite our usual distain for direct to dvd sequel/spin-offs, we actually praised Warner Bros. We thought the idea was to film the “sequel” back to back or during the original with some of the side characters: Bruce (played by Heroes star Masi Oka) and his geeky sidekick Lloyd (played by Nate Torrence).

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Get Smart 2 is in Production Now

Get Smart Movie

The big screen adaptation of Get Smart starring Steve Carell and Anne Hathaway, hasn’t even finished shooting, yet Warner Bros has already greenlit a sequel. Actually, they gave the greenlight before the movie was even cast. And get this, the sequel is also in production now. You read that right, in production NOW.

The Direct-to-DVD sequel/spin-off, Get Smarter: Bruce & Lloyd Out of Control, will arrive in stores 10 days following the theatrical debut of Get Smart. The movie will focus on two secondary characters from the main movie: Bruce (played by Heroes star Masi Oka) and his geeky sidekick Lloyd (played by Nate Torrence).

Confused? Well, the studio wants to avoid that reaction completely and has planned to start advertising the DVD release only after the film’s first weekend at the box office.

While I’m usually against these direct to home video sequels, this is a new idea with a lot of potential. Unlike a lot of the other DVD sequels, Get Smarter will actually feature actors from the original film. That has always been one of my main beefs with the direct to home video model. The Mark Cuban concept of a simultaneous release in theaters and on DVD has always interested me. But are people really interested in buying a DVD of a movie they just watched in the theater? If the DVD could be purchased without buying a ticket, wouldn’t that prevent people from going to the theater? I’ve never been quite sure how it would/could work with a bigger release.

This new concept has so much potential. Imagine walking out of Evan Almighty. You enjoyed the film, you had a good time. You walk by the concession stand/box office which is selling a direct to dvd sequel/spinoff of the film which follows a side character (let’s call it Pete Almighty). You decide to buy it. This new model has promise.

Now if only they could create a descent story for the DVD sequel, than we’d be all set.