Nailed It Holiday Season 2 Trailer

Netflix has a lot of cooking and baking shows, but in my humble opinion, the best of the best is Nailed It! The series takes a group of very unprofessional bakers and asks them to recreate fancy, Instagram-ready treats. The results are disastrous. That may sound like a mean-spirited show that mocks its contestants, but Nailed It! is actually very good-natured. We’re not laughing at the terrible bakers – we’re laughing with them. Nailed It! already unleashed one holiday special upon us, and now they’re about to drop another one. Watch the Nailed It! Holiday! season 2 trailer below.

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The Toys That Made Us Trailer

Continuing to expand their seemingly endless library of streaming titles, Netflix has renewed a batch of their unscripted programming shows for second seasons. The nerdy documentary series  The Toys That Made Us, focusing on some of the most iconic toys from pop culture history is among them, as is the reboot of Queer Eye (no longer just for the straight guy). Read More »