my spy review

It appears to be the unfortunate rite of passage for every sports star who makes the leap to Hollywood: they must star in at least one generic kiddy movie that usually features a precocious prepubescent co-star and maybe a dog. Vin Diesel had the abominable The Pacificer, Dwayne Johnson put on wings for the rotten Tooth Fairy, and most recently, John Cena paid his dues with Playing With Fire.

But Dave Bautista‘s chameleonic early roles suggested that this former WWE fighter would go a different route than his fellow meatheads-turned-actors. He went against expectations with his first roles, breaking out in a big way with his stoic stooge Drax in Guardians of the Galaxy, and impressing in subdued supporting roles in Blade Runner 2049 and Spectre. He avoided taking the lead in underwhelming action thrillers that Diesel, Cena, and even Johnson, had eagerly signed on for early in their careers.

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my spy release date

At long last, all our movie dreams are about to come true: My Spy is coming to Amazon Prime Video on June 26. The Dave Bautista comedy was originally supposed to open summer 2019 but then got pushed to 2020. And it would’ve kept its 2020 theatrical release date had it not been for that pesky coronavirus. Now, the movie is headed right to Amazon Prime this month, so gather up the fam, pop some corn, and get ready to stream this bad boy. More on the new My Spy release date below.

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my spy release

While every other movie originally due out in the next two months has pushed or delayed its release date, there was title holding fast: My Spy. Even with all movie theaters across the globe shut down for the time being, the Dave Bautista comedy was still set for an April 17 release date – AKA next week. But now the inevitable has happened: My Spy is not opening on April 17. In fact, it’s not opening in theaters at all. Instead, the movie is headed straight to Amazon.

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my spy delayed

You’ll have to keep your eye out for My Spy, because the Dave Bautista-starring family comedy has been delayed once again. A week before it was set to hit theaters, STXfilms has pushed back My Spy‘s release to April 17. It’s the latest delay for the family comedy, which was initially set for an August 2019 release.

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My Spy Delayed

This weekend, you can see Dave Bautista having a blast with Kumail Nanjiani in the action comedy Stuber. And originally, there was going to be even more laughs with Dave Bautista in the family comedy My Spy, slated for released towards the end of August. But now STX Entertainment has decided to push the movie back to a release in 2020, but their reasoning apparently doesn’t have anything to do with the film’s quality.  Read More »

my spy trailer

Dave Bautista is well enough into his transition from wrestling into acting that we can confidently call him a good actor. After making a splash in Guardians of the Galaxy, Bautista has bucked expectations for the typical wrestler-turned-actor, instead carving out a path as one of the most interesting character actors working today. But duty calls, and Bautista is doing what many a wrestler-turned-actor has done before him: a family comedy. Bautista is starring in the Peter Segal-directed comedy My Spy, as a hardened CIA agent who finally meets his match in a pint-sized girl (Chloe Coleman). Watch the My Spy trailer below.

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My Spy

After helming the 2008 film adaptation of the spy comedy series Get Smart, director Peter Segal is heading back to the spy movie genre with a new action comedy called My Spy. Wrestler-turned-actor Dave Bautista (Guardians of the Galaxy, Spectre) is set to play the lead role opposite a 9-year-old girl, and you know what that means: it looks like Bautista is barreling straight into territory that Arnold Schwarzenegger visited in the 1990s and Dwayne Johnson visited in the mid-2000s. Read More »

When some of the details on Fox’s new Fantastic Four film were announced a couple days ago — primarily that Chronicle director Josh Trank would indeed direct the new film — one detail was not reported. That was the name of the film’s screenwriter, who has been developing the new take on the classic Marvel Comics team with Trank.

The man scripting the new Fantastic Four is Jeremy Slater, whose script Score hit the Black List of popular unproduced screenplays a couple years back, and who has been fighting through the studio trenches for some time. Read More »