Here are a couple J.J. Abrams-related items. First up is that the PC version of the game Portal 2 contains a not-so-hidden ‘interactive trailer’ for the summer film Super 8. Essentially, it puts you on the train that is seen in the first trailer for the film. You can’t do much actual interaction, but by walking around before and after the crash seen in the trailer, looking at the details of the objects in the train cars, you can glean a little bit of background detail about the story for Super 8. Plus, play it over and over again and it’s like a J.J. Abrams remix of Source Code!

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Two high-profile “P” shows are about to go to pilot. The first is called Playboy and, much like Mad Men, it’s set in the 1960s. Instead of Madison Avenue, though, the show will be set at a Playboy Club in Chicago. Ordered by NBC, Playboy will be written by Chad Hodge (Tru Calling) and uses the legendary club as a way to explore blossoming sexuality in America during the Sixties.

The second show, called Pulp, is being championed by J.J. Abrams and Bad Robot. Like most things Abrams is involved with, not much is known about it yet except that it’s an hour-long drama with a “heightened sense of reality” like in Pulp Fiction. It’s currently being shopped to networks.

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