Recently, the gang at How Did This Get Made? covered this summer’s most over-the-top and Snakesonaplane-ish action film: Money Plane. 

To figure out how Money Plane got made, I spoke with the film’s director (and co-writer), Andy Lawrence. Which, I must admit, was especially fun as I’ve been a fan of Andy’s work since the mid-90s when he—along with his older brothers Joey Lawrence and Matt Lawrence—starred in the series Brotherly Love

Since Brotherly Love, Andy has notably appeared in shows like Oliver Beene, The United States of Tara and Hawaii Five-O (and perhaps even more notably voiced characters on shows like Recess, as well as video games like Dead Rising 3). 

Needless to say, Andy has done a lot in the entertainment industry over the past couple decades. But there’s one thing he had not ever done before: direct a feature film (well, not officially; we get into his epic feature-length home movies). So, of course, I was eager to hear how about the origins of his directorial debut. 

Which, as I soon found out, is a tale whose fate hinges on a very epic arm-wrestling match…

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money plane trailer

What happens when you put a bunch of money on a plane? You have yourself a Money Plane, that’s what! Money Plane is a very real movie that I swear I didn’t make up, starring Adam Copeland, aka professional wrestler Edge, and Kelsey Grammer, aka professional wrestler Frasier Crane. In Money Heist, a group of criminals must rob “a futuristic airborne casino,” and they have to do it in the air, too. You can’t just wait for the Money Plane to land to pull off your heist, no sir. Watch the Money Plane trailer below.

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