Kristen Bell stars in Mnemovore Demo Reel

Mnemovore creator Hans Rodionoff had a treat for fans attending the H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival in Portland this weekend, as he unveiled 10 minutes of footage from a proposed big screen adaptation of his six-issue comic book series. But it wasn’t a low budget effort, the short reel featured Kristen Bell (Veronica Mars, Heroes) in the lead role. Rodionoff will be directing the film based on his own screenplay. Rodionoff also confirmed that Guillermo del Toro (Pan’s Labyrinth) is officially on board as Executive Producer. Apparently Rodionoff filmed the demo reel at the behest of del Toro in order to demonstrate his abilities as a film director. Rodionoff made his filmmaking debut with the no-budget Troma horror comedy Sucker.

Mnemovore is a “horror” comic that ran monthly from April 2005 under DC’s Vertigo imprint. The plot focused on Kaley, an amnesiac former professional snow boarder who makes a terrifying discovery. Her snowboarding accident sets her up in the unique position to battle a centuries-old Lovecraftian entity that feeds on the memories of mankind. She must fight to protect the loved ones she no longer remembers. It’s a story about memory, identity, and a secret horror.

According to Comics2film, the footage showed Kaley (played by Kristen Bell) in an exchange between with “her therapist (played by ‘Terminator’ star Michael Biehn) and leads up to her first horrific encounter with the psyche-eating monster.” The footage is said to have been “well received by the fans.”

It is not clear if Bell or Biehn would be available for the eventual feature film production, although, I’m sure they didn’t participate in this test purely as a favor. But who knows with schedules, especially considering that the movie has yet to find funding. I hope that the footage somehow leaks online for everyone to see. It sounds like an interesting enough idea, with a good potential cast, and some great creative forces behind it. I’ll have to pick this series up next trip to the comic book store.