MoviePass scandal

MoviePass, the movie ticket subscription service which was all the rage in 2018, experienced such an explosive rise and tumultuous fall that I would not be surprised if someone ended up making a movie about it one day. And thanks to a recent in-depth report on the company’s questionable business practices, here’s a scene that could be used during the “beginning of the end” portion of the eventual film: CEO Mitch Lowe ordering his employees to change the passwords of heavy MoviePass users so they would not be able to log on and use the service. Read more about that and some of the other aspects of the MoviePass scandal below. Read More »

MoviePass Family Plan

If you thought MoviePass couldn’t make any more unpopular decisions, you’d be wrong. The flaming heap that was once the popular ticket-buying service has once again introduced a new change that’ll likely make a few more subscribers (unsuccessfully) attempt to cancel their plans. The newest confounding change: You only get to choose from a rotating line-up of six movies a day.

On the same day of this announcement, MoviePass’s primary competitor, AMC A-List, released a statement guaranteeing its customers a 12-month guarantee that its prices or benefits wouldn’t change. Talk about kicking a competitor while it’s down.

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MoviePass Family Plan

As MoviePass‘ troubles persist, CEO Mitch Lowe has taken to Reddit to speak directly to its subscribers. Lowe participated in a Reddit AMA on Tuesday, answering questions about the popular ticket-buying service’s money problems, its plans for the future, and just what’s up with Gotti.

Here are a few things we learned from Lowe’s lengthy Reddit AMA.

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MoviePass monthly plan

Thousands of subscribers flocked to MoviePass when it drastically dropped its prices last year and offered what seemed like an impossibly good deal: one movie per day for $9.95 a month. But nearly a year after the ticket-buying service began offering that popular MoviePass monthly plan, it seemed like that miraculous deal was dead. The company recently removed its “one movie a day” option, offering new users four movies a month instead — along with free iHeartRadio access. Naturally, this sparked a major uproar and more grumblings about MoviePass’s questionable business strategy.

Now, a few weeks later, MoviePass is reverting to its superior “one movie a day” plan. Sorry, iHeartRadio fans.

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Moviepass moviefone

MoviePass wants to become your one-stop shop when it comes to going to the movie theater. The movie theater subscription service has already gotten the ticket-buying market cornered — to the joy of some and the chagrin of others in the industry — and now it wants to become a source of movie reviews.

The recent MoviePass Moviefone acquisition raised some eyebrows when it made headlines last week, since Moviefone’s assets seemed to overlap with what MoviePass already offered. But MoviePass CEO Mitch Lowe revealed that he has more ambitious plans in mind than simply offering movie listings.

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MoviePass customer experience

Ever since dropping its monthly prices last year, MoviePass has changed moviegoing as we know it. 30 movies for $10 a month? What’s not to love? But the ticket-buying subscription service has been dogged by complaints about its dodgy smartphone app, poor customer service, and questionable marketing choices.

That hasn’t stopped MoviePass from accumulating subscribers like crazy. The service recently hit 1.5 million subscribers — and it’s showing no signs of slowing down. But as more subscribers join MoviePass, there will inevitably be more problems. Now, the service is trying to fix that by overhauling its MoviePass customer experience.

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MoviePass business model

Here’s a couple pieces of movie theater news to take you into the weekend. Cinemark, one of the major theater chains in the United States, has officially banned large bags from its theaters. And for those of you who are still wondering exactly how the heck the MoviePass business model works, company CEO Mitch Lowe explains it in a new interview. Learn more about both tidbits below. Read More »

AMC Theatres Banning MoviePass

MoviePass, are you okay? The very popular subscription-based movie service has been doing really well for itself, raking in the dough while also expanding into acquiring films for distribution. But now there’s a sudden bump in the road: MoviePass is no longer working with certain AMC Theatres, and it appears that this was a decision made by MoviePass, not AMC. Here’s what we know about the outages at certain MoviePass locations.

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