tom cruise running

The Mission: Impossible franchise has done it all: it has crashed motorcycles, blown up trucks, and dangled its star Tom Cruise out of planes, helicopters, off cliffs, and out of the tallest skyscraper in the world. So it was almost unsurprising when reports came out that the Mission: Impossible 7 crew were planning to blow up a bridge in Poland. But the film production was met with immediate backlash when it was reported that said bridge was an 111-year-old historical landmark, a piece of the country’s heritage that would be demolished in the name of entertainment. But director Christopher McQuarrie is here to set the record straight: no, Mission: Impossible 7 is not blowing up a bridge — at least, not this particular bridge.

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mission impossible 7 norway

Tom Cruise is bringing the Mission: Impossible crew back to Norway. Mission: Impossible – Fallout filmed partially in the Nordic country, and Cruise recently told Norway’s culture minister Abid Raja about returning there in the fall to shoot more scenes for Mission: Impossible 7. The upcoming sequel had to suspend filming due to the coronavirus, but the crew was recently granted permission to start shooting again.

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Mission Impossible contest

Blockbuster movies and TV shows are slowly resuming filming overseas. Major Hollywood productions in the United Kingdom and New Zealand are starting to grind back to life, with Mission: Impossible 7 and The Batman among several big productions that are restarting in the U.K., while Amazon’s The Lord of the Rings TV series and Netflix’s Cowboy Bebop are heading back to New Zealand.

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mission impossible 7 filming

Mission: Impossible 7, the latest excuse for Tom Cruise to risk his life, is currently on hold due to the coronavirus. But the production is gearing up to start shooting soon. According to co-star Simon Pegg, the latest IMF adventure will resume filming this September. Pegg isn’t quite sure how production will resume, and it goes without saying that the behind-the-scenes process will be considerably different than when everything halted.

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mission impossible 7 villain

Nicholas Hoult has been steadily carving out a fascinating niche for himself as a charismatic, scenery-chewing antagonist, which made his casting as the Mission: Impossible 7 villain feel like a fitting next step for the young British actor. But due to production delays for the Christopher McQuarrie-directed action sequel amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, Hoult has been replaced with Esai Morales. The star of NYPD Blue, La Bamba, and Ozark takes over the role of the Mission: Impossible 7 villain, for which character details still remain a mystery.

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Mission Impossible Sequels Release Dates

What’s the one thing that can slow down the constant perpetual motion of Ethan Hunt, IMF Agent? The coronavirus. Due to production halts because of the worldwide pandemic, the release dates of the two back-to-back Mission: Impossible sequels have been postponed. Mission: Impossible 7 is moving from July 2021 to November 2021, while M:I 8 has been bumped from August 2022 to November 2022. This news comes with delays of several other Paramount titles, including Dungeons and DragonsPaw Patrol, and The Tomorrow War.

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Mission: Impossible 7 Shooting in Italy

Since studios are already looking ahead as to how they can resume production on movies that were still in the middle of shooting when coronavirus brought them to a halt, they’re being forced to consider how/if they were return to international shooting locations. For one particular blockbuster franchise, the risk may be too great to head back overseas for the planned shoot.

Mission: Impossible 7 was just beginning a three-week shoot in Venice, Italy as the spread of coronavirus was taking off around the globe. Very quickly, Paramount Pictures halted production until the danger passed, but now the studio is trying to figure out whether or not they want to risk Mission: Impossible 7 shooting in Italy at all. There’s talk of either axing the Italian leg of production completely, or potentially pushing the shoot until fall when coronavirus may have subsided. Read More »

Simon Pegg Star Trek

While Star Trek is having a resurgence on the CBS All Access streaming platform with shows like Discovery and Picard, the beloved sci-fi franchise has encountered significant turbulence when it comes to launching another feature film. Simon Pegg, who has played Montgomery “Scotty” Scott in the three most recent Trek movies and co-wrote 2016’s Star Trek Beyond, has previously expressed his doubts about more sequels coming to fruition, and in a new interview, he remains skeptical about the chances that his co-stars will reconvene for another entry.

But while he doesn’t seem to be holding his breath for more Trek, he does seem excited about Mission: Impossible 7 and 8, writer/director Christopher McQuarrie‘s spy sequels which are set to shoot back-to-back. Read Pegg’s latest quotes below.
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Mission Impossible 7 production delay

Mission: Impossible 7 has suffered a setback. Due to the coronavirus, Paramount Pictures has altered its plans for a three-week shoot in Venice, Italy, releasing a statement on Monday which essentially explained that they won’t take any unnecessary chances when it comes to the deadly disease. Read More »

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mission impossible sequels stunts

The Mission: Impossible movies have become synonyms with crazy-ass stunts. Tom Cruise loves to risk his life for our entertainment, and while we know very little about the next two Mission: Impossible sequels, there’s one thing we can all bank on: Tommy Cruise will do some dangerous shit. Director Christopher McQuarrie, who is shooting Mission: Impossible 7 and 8 back-to-back, recently teased some of the stunts-to-come, promising that Cruise has at least “three obscene things” lined-up that are so wild and dangerous that they make McQuarrie feel like puking. Long live cinema!

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