In 1966, the film Django became a European hit, eventually spawning a sequel (Django Strikes Again, 1987) but also inspiring a horde of imitators that used the the character name in various ways to get audience attention. The latest film in the long-running non-series is Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained, which adopts the Django name to tell a story that is wholly unrelated to the original ’66 film.

The original Django, Franco Nero, has a cameo in Tarantino’s film (pictured above), but now he’s poised to return to the role he made famous almost fifty years ago. Producers Eric Zaldivar and Mike Malloy have secured Nero’s interest to star in a film provisionally titled Django Lives! In addition to info on that film, after the break you’ll find a video interview with Tarantino in which he explains the Django lineage. Read More »

For any Atlanta residents (or people within driving distance) there’s a great event going on tonight at the Atlanta Film Festival. The documentary Eurocrime! The Italian Cop and Gangster Movies That Ruled the ’70s, from writer/ producer/ director and Atlanta resident Mike Malloy, will have its world premiere at 7pm as part of the Atlanta Film Festival. I met Mike a couple years back, and because he knows that I’m a fan of the films chronicled in his documentary, he invited me to introduce the picture and moderate a Q&A afterward. Read More »