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Judd Apatow‘s next film, Trainwreck, has just filled out its cast. Apatow will direct a script written by and starring Amy Schumer. Now almost a dozen new actors have joined a cast which already included Bill Hader, Brie Larson and Colin Quinn. They are recent Oscar nominee Barkhad Abdi, comedian and director Mike Birbiglia, Girls neighbor Jon Glaser, SNL MVP Vanessa Bayer, WWE superstar John CenaPerks of Being A Wallflower star Ezra Miller and last, but definitely not least, Oscar-winner Tilda Swinton. The film is scheduled for release July 24, 2015. Read More »

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Last year, screenwriters Scott Neustadter and Michael H. Weber brought us The Spectacular Now, a smart, tender YA adaptation about first love. This year, they’re mining similar territory with The Fault in Our Stars, based on John Green‘s bestselling novel. They even have Shailene Woodley starring once again.

This time, she plays Hazel Grace Lancaster, who falls for fellow cancer patient Augustus Waters (Ansel Elgort) after meeting him in a support group for sick teens. Josh Boone directs, with Nat Wolff, Laura Dern, Sam Trammell, and Mike Birbiglia in supporting roles. Watch the first trailer after the jump.

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If you haven’t seen Mike Birbiglia‘s film Sleepwalk With Me, it’s a good experience that is now available to stream on Netflix in the US. The movie, which follows the writer/actor/director’s formative experiences as a stand-up comedian, premiered last year at Sundance, and turned into a tidy little, er, sleeper hit. Doesn’t hurt that it was produced by Ira Glass, whose NPR show This American Life has no small influence.

Birbiglia is now talking about his next film project. It will adapt his current stand-up solo show, which was seen on stage under the title My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend. Read More »

Okay, I know it’s fake. I know Joss Whedon, Mike Birbiglia and Ira Glass are all friends, but I don’t care. This fabricated Internet war between The Avengers and Sleepwalk With Me is really clever and fun. It started earlier this week when Whedon, director of the third largest film of all time The Avengers, called for a boycott to the delightful, Sundance audience award winner directed by Birbiglia and co-written by Birbiglia and Glass (This American Life). Whedon’s quarrel was that The Avengers was in danger of losing screens to Sleepwalk and, therefore, fans should boycott the movie. But not before he gave it several flattering compliments.

Now Birbiglia and Glass has responded with their plan on how Sleepwalk With Me is going to outgross The Avengers. Not only is it funny, it’s one of those eye-opening realizations just how successful a movie can be. Check it out below. Read More »

To date, Joss Whedon‘s The Avengers has only grossed $617.3 million in the United States and Box Office Mojo reports it’s barely playing on 200 screens. That’s unacceptable, says the writer/director, who released a video damming the upcoming film Sleepwalk With Me from stealing some of those precious, and much needed screens.

The comedy, written and directed by Mike Birbigliawon an audience award at Sundance earlier this year and begins to hit theaters later this month. Originally the film was only opening in a handful of cities, but fans have been demanding it on Twitter with the hashtag #bringsleepwalk and have so far doubled the amount of screens that will be showing the film. Whedon, whose little Marvel movie is still $40 million from being the number two film of all time, is obviously threatened and has chosen to speak out against the film.

It’s hilarious. Check it out below. Read More »

One of my favorite movies of the year so far is coming to theaters next month. The trailer came online late last week but got buried thanks to a little event called Comic-Con.

Now I’m happy to finally share the first trailer to Mike Birbiglia‘s Sleepwalk With Me, an autobiographical romantic comedy about a man’s struggle to become a stand-up comedian. Only thing is, he has a dangerous penchant to sleepwalk. Comedian Birbiglia co-wrote, stars in and directs the film which also features Lauren Ambrose, Carol Kane, James Rebhorn, Marc Maron and others. Sleepwalk With Me won the Audience Award at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival and hits theaters beginning August 24.

Check out the trailer, as well as my Sundance video blog review, after the jump. Read More »

There’s a running joke amongst comedians that people get into stand-up just so they can be TV stars. It works for some but for others, it seems like stand-up might be a better route to get into film directing. It worked for Woody Allen, Louis CK and now it’s worked for Mike Birbiglia, a successful touring comedian who turned his one man autobiographical off-Broadway show Sleepwalk With Me into a feature film. The movie just had its world premiere at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival.

Birbiglia stars as Matt, a struggling stand-up comedian who has been with his girlfriend Abby (Lauren Ambrose) for eight years. When the couple begins to have problems, Matt uses that to finally find his voice, which in turn makes the relationship even more difficult. Then there’s the tiny matter of Matt dangerously sleepwalking every night, all of which actually happened in Birbiglia’s life.

Co-starring James Rebhorn, Carol Kane, Marc Maron and produced by Ira Glass (This American Life), Sleepwalk With Me is incredibly clever, well-directed and laugh out loud hilarious. The message isn’t all that new, but the journey there definitely is.

Watch a clip from the movie as well as a video blog featuring myself and Jordan Raup from The Film Stage after the jump. Read More »