Earth to Ned Review

When The Muppets returned to Disney+ a few weeks ago with the new series Muppets Now, I found myself disappointed. While it was somewhat fun to see all of Jim Henson’s beloved characters in a new project, they don’t work as well when they’re mostly separated from each other in their own YouTube-style web shows, and something felt off about the comedy. Thankfully, another Jim Henson production is coming to Disney+ starting later this week, and this feels more in line with the kind of laughs that The Muppets used to deliver on television a long time ago.

Earth to Ned is a new unscripted talk show hosted by a huge four-armed alien commander named Ned (voiced by Paul Rugg) and his pig-snouted, mole-like lieutenant Cornelius (voiced by Michael Oosterom). In case you hadn’t already assumed (or somehow avoided the headline), they’re puppets from The Jim Henson Company. They were previously assigned to invade Earth, but instead, they’ve become obsessed with our pop culture and are now trying to learn as much about it as they can on their own talk show that broadcasts from inside their spaceship hidden deep beneath the Earth’s crust. Though it gets off to a rocky start, it quickly becomes a quirky and fun series replete with candid, improvised, and entertaining conversations with celebrity guests and a vibe that hearkens back to Space Ghost: Coast to Coast and Martin Short’s Primetime Glick with Jiminy Glick. Read More »