Metal Gear Solid

A ton of major video games are currently being developed in Hollywood. Just recently, Watch Dogs got started, we saw test footage from Warcraft and heard about Gran Turismo coming to life. Looking back further, games based on Uncharted, Metal Gear Solid and Mass Effect have been bubbling for several years. However, despite a few close calls, it doesn’t feel like any of them are closer to coming to the big screen.

That’s not the case, says producer Avi Arad. The man best known for producing the Spider-Man movies also has a big hand in producing those last three franchises. In a new interview, he offered up significant updates on them all. He says Uncharted will probably come first and that Metal Gear Solid is probably three years away. Though he’s had the Mass Effect rights since 2008, that one would likely come after the first two. Read More »

Here’s some great news for the legions and legions of Mass Effect fans out there. Screenwriter Morgan Davis Foehl has been hired to take a new pass at a script for the popular video game turned big budget film. His hiring marks the first significant movement on the project since 2010 when Legendary Pictures purchased the rights to the franchise, which centers on a 22nd century military commander who leads a human army against a race of alien robots who selectively wipe out a galaxy every 50,000 years.

Davis-Foehl has yet to have a script produced, but he had one on the 2009 Black List, and he wrote Alien Sleeper Cell and worked on Rescue Me as well as some Happy Madison films. He’s a massive Mass Effect fan and producers liked his take after, obviously, deciding not to move forward with the original script written by Mark Protosevich. Read more after the jump. Read More »

For the first time ever, Legendary Entertainment is coming to San Diego Comic Con and they’re bringing some heavy hitters. They’re bring along:

  • Charlie Hunnam, Idris Elba, Charlie Day and Rinko Kikuchi along with writer Travis Beacham and director Guillermo Del Toro for Pacific Rim
  • Jeff Bridges, Ben Barnes, Alicia Vikander and director Sergei Bodrov for Seventh Son
  • Bradley Cooper and director Alex Proyas for Paradise Lost
  • Game creator Casey Hudson and screenwriter Mark Protosevich to talk Mass Effect.

No mention of Man of Steel or The Dark Knight Rises, but with no Warner Bros. panel, this at least opens the door for a surprise as both films are financed by Legendary. Read more after the jump. Read More »

Clint Mansell to Score Video Game ‘Mass Effect 3’

Clint Mansell is among the best film composers in the business, having recently added yet another masterful score to his name with the cheekily bombastic, disorienting Black Swan. That was his latest in a long line of contributions to the films of Darren Aronofsky, having previously worked on The Wrestler, The Fountain, Requiem for a Dream and Pi. He also imparted Duncan Jones’ Moon with a haunting ambiance that still sits with me to this day.

These films have ensured that Mansell will always have a place in history, but now it appears his legacy will extend beyond film. He’s revealed that he’ll be providing the score for Mass Effect 3, the conclusion to Bioware’s action role-playing game series. Apparently the developers were in need of a composer with a true sense of the cinematic to close out their sweeping epic. And Mansell is just the guy for it. Learn more after the break. Read More »


I’m surprised it has taken this long after the release of Mass Effect 2 for a deal like this to go down: Legendary Pictures has picked up the rights to the BioWare game series Mass Effect. I Am Legend and Thor screenwriter Mark Protosevich has been assigned to write. Read More »

Words are not sufficient to describe how epic this /Filmcast is. In this episode, Dave, Devindra and Adam are joined by Dan Trachtenberg from The Totally Rad Show to geek out about some recently watched TV and films, tear apart the 2008 Emmy awards with Myles McNutt, wage in on Seth Rogen and Stephen Chow’s Green Hornet news, and praise Neil Labute’s Lakeview Terrace.

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Avi Arad Options Mass Effect

Avi Arad has optioned the movie rights to Bioware’s sci-fi action role playing game Mass Effect.

In the game you play as an elite human soldier named Commander Shepard, who sets out to explore the Galaxy in the year 2183. Thirty-five years prior, humans discovered a technology built by an extinct alien race which has allowed them to break free of the solar system. But the galaxy is trapped in an endless cycle of extinction. Every 50,000 years, an ancient machine race invades the galaxy and wipes out all advanced organic civilizations.

The term Mass Effect, is described as “a newly discovered physics phenomenon that has properties along the lines of other physics forces such as gravity and electromagnetism.” In the game, certain creatures can manipulate the mass effect, much like electric eels can make use of electromagnetism. Humans can also get these abilities through prosthetics.

Avi Arad is best known as the producer of the Spider-Man films and Iron Man, but many forget that he was involved with some Marvel’s unspectacular film projects like Hulk, Elektra, Punisher, Fantastic Four, and Ghost Rider. Arad also produced the Bratz movie, Man-Thing, the upcoming Punisher: War Zone and a film based on the toy robot Robosapien. So I’m not convinced that the project is in the right hands with Arad. It all depends on which director is hired to bring the game to the big screen.

Bioware has said that the game is the first part of a trilogy, which gives a potential film adaptation franchise possibilities. I’ve never played the game as I have a strong affliction for role playing games, but the concept certainly sounds like it could be made into a fun sci-fi film. To give you a better idea of what the game is like, watch the game’s trailer below:

source: Variety