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Though the Marvel Cinematic Universe is the first film franchise to take multiple film series and bridge them together on such a large scale, it’s not the first time movies have shared the same universe on the big screen outside of traditional sequels.

Universal’s classic monster movies all existed in the same world, Kevin Smith built his View Askewniverse that was connected by shared characters such as Jay & Silent Bob, Quentin Taranito’s movies all have little connections to each other, and they even shared some connections with the interconnected films of Grindhouse co-director Robert Rodriguez. Now one of them will be creating a new project set in their cinematic universe. Read More »


In July 2014, one of our favorite artists Scott Campbell (aka Scott C) held a scavenger hunt to find his original watercolor Great Showdown paintings in the original filming locations across Los Angeles. This year he returns with The Great Great Showdown Hunt, a bigger and more epic hunt which will take the concept worldwide. You’re going to have to be quick, smart and pop culture-savvy to find these, but if you can, you might be able to get yourself an original Scott C painting.

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Robert Rodriguez‘s Machete has gotten himself into some hairy situations and lived to tell the tale, but now a lawsuit could shut him down for good. Also after the jump:

  • No, Mike Myers has not written Wayne’s World 3
  • Paranormal Activity 5 gets a fall 2013 release date
  • Josh Hutcherson confirms his return for Journey 3
  • See a goateed Mirror Spock from IDW’s Star Trek comics
  • The sequel to Bong Joon-ho’s The Host reveals footage

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The end credits on the Robert Rodriguez film Machete made a big promise: “Machete Will Return in Machete Kills and Machete Kills Again!” The first sequel has been the subject of speculation ever since the 2010 release of Machete, and now it is financed and getting ready to shoot.

Producer Alexander Rodnyansky is behind the film, which Rodriguez will direct based on a script by Kyle Ward. Danny Trejo and other cast members who play characters that survived Machete are all in talks to return, and the film might shoot as soon as April of this year. Read More »

Watch A Brief History of Movie Title Designs

As part of the screening put together in relation to the SXSW Title Design Competition, Ian Albinson from the website The Art of the Title Sequence put together a nice two and a half minute compendium of excellent film titles. (That features an occasional piece of television, too.) For any long-time film lover, this little video will probably elicit quite a few responses simply on the strength of the title cards on display. I queued several films to re-watch after exposure to just a few seconds of their titles.

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This Week in DVD & Blu-ray is a column that compiles all the latest info regarding new DVD and Blu-ray releases, sales, and exclusive deals from stores including Target, Best Buy and Fry’s.

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Good narrative-driven documentaries are hard to come by, for reasons that should be fairly obvious. It’s one thing to be a talented filmmaker; it’s another entirely to be lucky one. If we’re meant to believe that Catfish is 100% authentic—and we are—then directors Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman are the luckiest talented filmmakers in the world. Because the story featured here is unbelievably perfect. (Keyword being “unbelievably”.) To what extent Catfish is real or staged remains unclear, but thematically, it would be awfully fitting if it were all a ruse. Just as the troubling and deeply compelling Facebook-enabled internet relationship that unfolds over the course of the film proves itself too good to be true, so too it seems is the reality that these filmmakers are presenting to us. And that, in many ways, is what the film is all about: the steadily blurring line between reality and fiction. There’s a whole lot more to it than that, certainly, but delving into other aspects of the film would require spoiling plot details that I dare not give away. So I’ll just say this: Real or fake, it doesn’t matter. This is a story that’s timely, meaningful, and incredibly well told. It deserves to be seen and discussed.
Available on Blu-ray? Yes.
Notable Extras: DVD & Blu-ray – Secrets Revealed: Exclusive Interview with the Filmmakers.

Amazon – $18.99

Amazon – $27.99

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Machete may not text, but he sure can sell some iced tea. A commercial for Lipton Brisk Iced Tea hit YouTube between Christmas and New Years, and it’s like a little last-minute gift for Danny Trejo fans. In one minute, the actor recaps the plot of Machete, complete with slicing guys in half, some lovemaking, and a lot of hand-washing. Frankly, I like it a lot better than the movie. Spare a minute and hit the jump to check it out. Read More »


We’re sorry to report that side boob you found so titillating was nothing more than a bunch of zeros and ones. Jessica Alba was not, in fact, naked in the shower in Robert Rodriguez’s Machete. According to a recent report, Alba was actually wearing tight white underwear on the set, which was then digitally altered to make the perennial sex symbol appear nude. And while it’s not surprising that computer graphics have the ability to remove clothing, it is surprising that filmmakers would be willing to do it. And not for all the reasons you think, sicko. Hit the jump to read more (warning: possible NSFW image). Read More »


machete5This week, David Chen, Devindra Hardawar, and Adam Quigley discuss whether or not 3D really is the future, praise the quiet certitude of The American, reflect on the sprawling nature of the Red Riding trilogy, and try to figure out why people in theaters are boo-ing at the mention of M. Night Shyamalan. Special guest Matt Singer joins us from IFC News.

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Cinema has entered a new dawn. It arrived a while ago, actually, and you may not have even noticed.

I’m not referring to the recent surfeit of remakes, sequels and adaptations, or the rebirth and subsequent profusion of superhero movies, or even the resurgence of 3D. No, I’m talking about the evolution of a burgeoning subgenre in cinema: meta films, aka movies about movies. Whether you’ve seen it or not, these self-reflective satires, parodies and homages have become a recurring staple of the aughts, and slowly but surely, the landscape of modern cinema is changing because of them. Read More »