Way back in 2009, we reported that a big-screen adaptation of Mac Carter‘s four-part comic series The Strange Adventures of H.P. Lovecraft was in development. Carter’s book is a fantastical origin story for Cthulhu creator H.P. Lovecraft, in which a meek young Lovecraft falls under a curse that turns him into a kind of supernatural god. Ron Howard was attached to direct, from a script written by Carter himself.

We haven’t heard much news on the movie since then, but a new rumor that’s been floating around gives us hope that the project isn’t totally dead. According to The Tracking Board, screenwriter John August has been brought on to rewrite Carter’s screenplay. Hit the jump for more details, including an official synopsis of the comic book.

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Movie Trailer: Secret Origin: The Story of DC Comics

Secret Origin: The Story of DC Comics

Update: I was wrong… The documentary is executive produced by Jeff Blitz, and directed by “Mac Carter, a stellar commercial director at Anonymous Content, who, in the comic book world, is highly regarded for writing The Strange Adventures of H.P. Lovecraft.”

DC Comics is celebrating their 75th Anniversary Documentary with a documentary chronicling the story of the comic book company. Secret Origin: The Story of DC Comics is directed executive produced by Jeffrey Blitz, the filmmaker responsible for one of my favorite documentary films Spellbound, and the Sundance coming of age movie Rocket Science (which is the film that really put Anna Kendrick on the map for filmmakers, before films like Up in the Air and the Twilight series). The official synopsis doesn’t reveal much:

An expansive documentary exploring the 75 years of DC Comics, the memorable characters of its universe and the talented artists and writers who brought them to life.

Of course, the full trailer reveals a lot more. You can watch it right now after the jump, followed by some covert art. Leave your thoughts in the comments below.
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Given the fact that Marvel and DC Comics characters have proved to be the new mainstays for summer moviegoing, I’m surprised that we haven’t seen a new documentary that reaches deep into the history of either company. That might be about to change as Jeffrey Blitz and Sean Welch (who directed and produced Spellbound, Rocket Science and Lucky) are producing a doc about DC. Mac Carter, who worked on Spellbound, is directing the film, which we may see at Comic Con.  Read More »