Bruce McDonald isn’t really a household name, especially outside Canada. Let’s try to change that. McDonald is a versatile, ambitious filmmaker with a rock and roll spirit who has been experimenting in features and TV for more than twenty years. In 1991 or ’92 I saw his film Highway 61, an oddball road trip music comedy written by and starring Don McKellar, and it launched me into fandom for McDonald.

Since then I’ve been impressed by films like Hard Core Logo, The Tracy Fragments and Pontypool. And I’m eternally on the hook for McDonald’s long in development adaptation of Chester Brown’s comic book Yummy Fur, which could be one of the most beautiful, wrong stories to hit the screen.

We knew that he would be shooting a ‘women in prison’ flick called Lucky Ho later this summer. (Is the title a reference to the Shaw Brothers flick Dirty Ho?) Now there is an extensive synopsis for the film and a set of posters that make McDonald’s grindhouse aspirations clear. Read More »